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Touring Mexico City

Mexico City, home to more than 8 million people, is considerably one of the largest cities in the world. There is no doubt it is a chaotic and life changing city, all at the same time.

Prepare to explore Mexico’s concrete jungle!

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Best places to visit in Mexico City

Best Hotels in Mexico City

We know a big factor of tourism is where you will be staying; however, this city has thousands of hotels and it can be extremely hard to book a place. For this reason, we share with you insider information on the best places to stay at while you visit this beautiful city no matter what type of traveler you are.

Comfort Hotel


Hotel Castropol

Hostel Mexico City

Hostal Selina Mexico City Downtown

Selina Mexico City

Airbnb Mexico City


Get a discount here, there are many options in Mexico City.

Where to Stay At in Mexico City:


Hotels in Mexico City’s Historic District


Hotels in Santa Fe Mexico City

Hotels in Reforma Mexico City

The city of Mexico has thousands of options when you are looking for places to stay. If you would like to check more options we invite you to visit our Hotel Guide in Mexico City or use our traveler’s app (Get it here):

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Flights to Mexico City

Buscar vuelos

Mexico has one of the biggest cities in the world. Therefore, flying in is easy because the airport is home to numerous airlines and connecting flights.

Finding flights to Mexico City won’t be a problem.

However, finding cheap flight might be trickier. But, you can find them by using our traveler’s app.

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Buses to Mexico City

autobus boletos

Same as flying in, land transportation is easy because the city counts with 4 Bus Stations and plenty of public transportation.

You can find a bus that will bring you into the city from almost anywhere in the country.

This is one of Mexico’s most important cities, therefore coming in and out will be easy.

Best Tours in Mexico City

Here are the best tours Danny and I have experience while touring the city. We are sure you will enjoy them too!

1. Teotihuacan Tour
2. Frida Khalo Museum, Coyoacán and Xochimilco
3. Lucha Libre/ Mexican Wrestling Tour
4. Chapultepec Castle and Anthropology Museum
5. Mariachis and Garibaldi

If you would like to know more about these tours and why we recommend them, we invite you to check: Best Tours in Mexico City.

Best food in Mexico City

Do you want to get the full experience while visiting Mexico? Well any dish with tortilla in it will satisfy you…Yes, seriously…Now if you want to eat traditional Mexican dishes we suggest you try street food, although you run the risk of getting a stomach ache or as locals call it, La Venganza de Moctezuma. You’ve been warned!

Food you must try:

  • Tacos de Pastor
  • Tacos de canasta
    • Where to eat them 👉 Street vendors (Tip: Easier to find in the central area of the city.)
  • Elotes o esquites
    • Where to eat them 👉 Street vendors, you can find them in the central area as well on the weekends after 6pm.
  • Tlacoyos
    • Where to eat them 👉 Mexican restaurants.
  • Quesadillas
  • Gordita
  • Sopes
  • Huaraches
  • Flautas
    • Where to eat all of the above 👉 Restaurants or street vendors.

The list could go forever. But those are the top dishes you must try when you visit.

Transportation within Mexico City

Unfortunately, when it comes to traffic and where to park, the city can be quite chaotic. Therefore, if you are only visiting the city area forget about renting a car or bringing your own. The best option to move around is definitely the Metro/Subway system, but taxis, Uber, and public transportation are also viable alternatives.

However, if you are interested in visiting the city’s surrounding areas as well we recommend renting a car.

Car Rentals

We suggest you find a rental here

Metro/ Subway

Mapa Metro Ciudad de México
Map of the Metro Lines in Mexico City

This is the cheapest and one of the best ways of moving around the city.

Uber and Taxi

Probably the easiest way around the city.

Here is an Uber discount.

If you are planning on hopping into a taxi make sure you call one from a taxi station. Grabbing a cab from the streets can be dangerous.

We recommend public transportation to seasoned travelers and those who are fluent in Spanish only.

Best Apps to download while visiting Mexico City

Our Traveler’s App: If you have not download our traveler’s app we encourage you to do so, since you can find a lot of discounts and ways to safe money as you travel. Get it here.

Waze: The navigation app used by locals because it helps you find short, fast ways to get to your destination. Works better than Google Maps.

Uber: An app that helps you get a safe ride to your destination. One of the best options to move around Mexico City.

Whatsapp: This app is the main way of communication used by locals. Even corporations use it. We recommend you to have it if you plan to be in contact with residents.

Metro – Metrobús México: This app provides information and services about the Metro station as well as a full map to help you ride the subway.

Ubereats: Delivery app to order food.

Tips for your trip to Mexico City


The weather in the city is mild and with moderate temperatures. For this reason, clothing for extreme weather won’t be necessary.


If you visit during the summer wear light clothing, and for the winter pack warm clothes.


Sadly, when it comes to security, the truth is the city can be dangerous.

However, if you stay within the tourist areas you should not have any troubles. (These are the most protected zones in the city)

Avoid using public transportation and being in the streets after 9pm.

Do Not wear flashy cloths and accessories like jewelry and watches.

Best time to travel

Although Mexico City is a year-round destination, the best time to visit is between November and April because it is the period with least rain probability.

Personally, the best months to visit the city are September because of Independence Day celebrations or November for Day of the Death celebrations.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Mexico City

This is an estimate of the daily budget you might need when visiting Mexico City

If you cannot see the columns below click here

Daily Budget per Person107028107100
The prices are an approximate and to give you an idea of the budget you might need. These can change or vary with time. All prices are in Mexican Pesos.

It doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are, use our traveling app to get better prices: Viajero M App

More things you might like about Mexico City

Why do you have to visit Mexico City?

¡Wow! There are a thousand reasons. The city is huge and full of landmarks, restaurants, museums, parks, activities, and anything you could imagine.

Fortunately, we live here and can share with you the best places, secrets, must do’s and everything necessary to make your experience a one of a kind.

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