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The Best Debit Card to Travel With

I still remember that time right before I left it all to go travel, when one of the hardest subjects to figure out was money. Which would be the best and cheapest option to use and acquire it when outside my country. Is cash better? Should we constantly change currency or use a Debit/Credit Card?

We constantly asked ourselves how to avoid the high bank commissions and currency exchange fees when traveling and how to get the best rates on our money.

When we finally found a solution, it turned out not to be available in our country. Fortunately, by the time I am writing this article, I am happy to announce that this solution has come to Mexico, so here is the best debit card to travel with.

Top 3 Money Problems When Traveling

First let’s talk about the issues travelers encounter when it comes down to money.

1. Currency Exchange

Having to constantly change currency during a trip is a real problem and most exchange places take advantage of the client. Most travelers tend to do the exchange at the airport at the time of arrival in their destination.

Now, there is no way around the need to change currencies when traveling outside your country; however, we encourage you to avoid doing it in airports.

2. International ATM Bank Withdraws

Commissions at ATMs are a complete robbery for travelers, specially if you travel outside your country. And let’s not forget about the currency exchange the bank does before giving you your money…the end result, you’ve been mugged by the institution!

This is one of the major issues for Danny and I, since a lot of money is lost with these withdraws, money that can be useful for other necessities. For example, in Guatemala the ATMs charged us $5 US dlls ($120 MX Pesos) each time.

3. Credit Cards

Even though they tend to be the best option cause the currency exchange is the “cheapest”, not all places accept them and not everyone can get one. Countries that are not considered “first world countries” tend to have problems with international credit cards, for which you’ll end up needing cash for a lot of places.

Besides, it depends a lot on your type of Credit Card, since not all are good for traveling and can become a double edge sword if used carelessly.

The solution

How to avoid high commissions and bank abuse when traveling all over the world? I am happy to inform you that the solution is a debit card called Bnext, and alternate to mobil banking.

What is Bnext?

It’s an App that offers an account and debit card that fixes the top 3 issues for travelers: Commissions, Currency Exchange and Pay Options.

Why is it worth it?

These are the reasons Bnext is a great solution for money management when traveling:

FREE OF CHARGE ATM withdraws nationally and internationally, no matter the bank, which makes it a huge advantage.

You can pay with the card internationally with no usage fees. It most likely has happened to you that you ask if debit or credit is accepted and the answer is, “Yes, but with a 3% additional fee.” Well Bnext won’t charge you that extra fee.

You can send money to anyone in the world with no commission between Bnext users. Take that! Evil banks.

There is no fee to open an account, maintenance or any of those extras banks charge.

No balance minimum at any moment! Forget about it.

They offer Cashback programs, which means you’ll get cash back when you use the card to pay things like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Playstore, Appstore and more.

Money sends instantly and at any time. Forget about “This transaction can’t be done at this moment” or the classic problem where money takes a couple business days to arrive. When you send money between Bnext users it will be fast and easy.

Currency exchange is a the lowest rate when paying or withdrawing money. The conversion is the most exact there is which makes it the best option compared to other banks and credit cards.

You get $100 MX Pesos when you open an account. Well, in reality, they give $100 MX Pesos to users from our community that download and activate the App through here.

To summarize, this is the ideal way to fix all those money problems when traveling anywhere in the world.

Getting the best debit card to travel is easy

The only thing you have to do is download the app here and open an account. Don’t forget you get $100 MX Pesos.

Be Careful! It is NOT Perfect

I want to make sure it is clear, because I know sooner or later Bnext executives will read this article.

Bnext is not a perfect solution, like anything they have their little things and still have a long way to go, for this reason it is important to learn how to use the card correctly. I recommend you watch this: How to utilize Bnext and get the best out if it.

On the other hand, Bnext IS the best option in debit/credit cards at the moment. It’s a promising app, that up to date works great! One I personally use and highly recommend to any traveler out there who wants to save money when traveling.

I would suggest to have your Bnext card to save tons of money plus one or two credit cards just in case of an emergency.

We also encourage you to download our Traveling App to save on hotels, flights, activities, and more.

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