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Teotihuacán Pyramids

Teotihuacán City in Mexico State is the most mysterious archeological zone in the country, a place named as “The city where men became Gods.”

To this date, scientists have not been able to explain what happened to the community and culture of Teotihuacan and what caused their disappearance, which makes it even more fascinating.


The Entry Price is: $80.00 Mexican pesos

Outside guides charge $800 pesos per tour (They accept up to 12-15 people) What I highly recommend is hiring a tour service to get the best experience when visiting.

Don’t forget to consider the money you might spend on food and transportation.


The archeological zone is open all year-round from 9AM to 5PM.

If you want to know how to arrive with public transportation, bus or car, click the bus above.

To hire a tour through Teotihuacán or explore by yourself?

The best and most secure option is to hire a tour; however, exploring the area yourself will be the cheapest choice.

Wait! Getting a tour already comes with a guide. If you do not want to hire a tour but still want the guide you should know paying once you’re there will be even more expensive than just hiring the outside tour.

What’s best? Depends on the kind of traveler you are. Below we leave 5 good tours we highly recommend. If you still want to explore by yourself keep on reading and do not forget to red on how to get here.

🌎 Tours to visit the Teotihuacán Pyramids🌎

  1. Tour of Teotihuacán
  2. Hot Air Balloon through Teotihuacán
  3. Combo: Teotihuacán + Frida Khalo Museum
  4. Tlatelolco + Basílica Guadalupe + Teotihuacán
  5. City Tour + Teotihuacán (2 days)

What to do in Teotihuacán, México

Teotihuacan México

The Sun and Moon Pyramids

These two pyramids, which in reality are bases, are the main attractions in the archeological zone.

Getting all the way to the top of these two pyramids is a complete physical challenge. The views, however, are incredible. If there isn’t a lot of people when you arrive, you can even challenge a friend to a race up top. Just don’t trip please…

I can promise that you won’t lack the need to pull out your phone or camera to take pictures and even then you will not appreciate the view the same way with a picture than with your own eyes.

Walk Down the Road of the Dead

Another “must do” in Teotihuacán is walking down the road of the dead. Actually, you have to walk it in order to get from one pyramid to the other.

You will not get the full experience until you burn your ears. I say it because I am certain that this is the exact place where I burnt mine. One of the worst burns in my life. #WearSunscreen

Visit the Culture of Teotihuacan Museums

Right there in Teotihuacán, Mexico, are two museums that will teach you more about the history and culture of the place. Although, I should mention that time might not be in your favor if you plan to do it all in one day.

The museums are Culture of Teotihuacan Museum and Teotihuacan Murals Museum.

Explore the secret tunnel to the Underworld

Right underneath Quetzalcoatl’s Temple you can see one of the last discoveries found in Teotihuacán, the bad news is that it is closed to visitors. But the good news is one of the museums lets you explore the tunnel with VR tech.

Eat at the Gruta Restaurant

If you are traveling with a little extra money, you should try the Gruta. An espectacular restaurant with more that a 100 years active.

If your budget is lower, do not worry, there are plenty of stands and smaller restaurants that offer delicious food.

Tips to visit the Teotihuacán pyramids

Pirámide del sol
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat
  • Bring water
  • Hire a guide to get a better experience
  • Arrive early. It does get crowded
  • Be patient if you plan in eating at the Gruta. There will be a waitlist

What are the Teotihuacán pyramids

The Teotihuacán pyramids are an archeological space inhabited by pre-hispanic cultures thousands of years ago. With a tour you will learn more about the indigenous groups that lived there.

This city is mysterious because scientist have not been able to explain how and why this civilization disappeared. There are theories and assumptions but nothing has been proved.

This archeological zone is considered world heritage by the UNESCO.

Up to today, archeologists estimate that only 5% of the city has been excavated; actually, there are people still working in the city. You should also know that 40% of what you will see are restorations made in order for visitors to imagen how it looked like in pre-hispanic times.

Majority of people make the mistake of believing that the “Teotihuacán pyramids” are actual pyramids. They are the bases of what the pyramids used to be.

Where is Teotihuacán

The archeological zone is in a city in Mexico State called: San Juan Teotihuacán.

Hotels in Teotihuacán

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