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Rooftops Mexico City

terrazas cdmx miralto

Rooftops in Mexico City have become popular because of the experiences they provide. In this case we’ve decided to split the list in two categories: Rooftops You Can’t Miss Out and Rooftops For Locals.

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Rooftops in Mexico City You Can’t Miss Out

These terraces are ideal for all travelers and tourists that visit Mexico City. Reasons we recommend them are great food, excellent drinks and their location in the Historic District and surrounding areas. The perfect combination of ambiance, views, gastronomy, and historic landmarks.

The interesting and important thing to know is that you can visit all the rooftops we’re about to mention in a Turibus tour, check it out here.

Restaurant La Terraza in the Gran Hotel

Terraza Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México

What can be said about this incredible place that the pic above didn’t already? This rooftop restaurant is part of one of the most important hotels in Mexico City, the Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México.

The view it offers, day and night, is unique. The menu is wide and exquisite, and most days they offer buffet.

If you visit the rooftop with the tour, you’ll have the chance to view the Zócalo plaza at night, which is spectacular.

If you watch the video already, you’d know this is where I forgot my backpack…

Address: 16 de Septiembre 82, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Domingo Santo Terrace

Terrazas CDMX

Same as the last one, this restaurant is part of a hotel, Hotel Domingo Santo to be specific.

It’s a very nice place.

The terrace isn’t know for the view; however, the vibe of the place is incredible and the food has the best quality, probably the best gastronomy compared to the other rooftops mentioned here.

Address: República de Cuba · 96, col. Centro 06000 CDMX

Rooftop Downtown

terraza downtown mexico

The rooftop is located in the same place as the famous Azul Histórico restaurant. Incredibly elegant.

Downtown’s Rooftop provides a beautiful view of the Casino Español de México, a jacuzzi and a pool. The last two tend not to be used by people but serve as nice decoration.

Danny and I agree that this is the place to spend and excellent time with even better music.

Address: Isabel la Católica 30, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Restaurant Miralto

terrazas cdmx miralto

More than a rooftop, this place is a restaurant located in the top of the Latino Tower.

The view of the city and the Historic District are the main attraction of the place.

Address: Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 2, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Turibus Rooftop Tour

Turibus terrazas

Ok, I’ll try to explain this quickly. With the Turibus Tour you can visit all four rooftops in one night. You will definitely enjoy the views of the city at night, learn about the history of the rooftops, try some of the delicious food, and experience the luxury and glamour the city offers.

The tour is available only Wednesdays at 7PM. The meeting point and to buy your tickets go to REFORMA 222. This tour is only for people over 18 years old.

If you haven’t watched our video, we recommend you check it out to get an idea of how the tour works: Watch the Rooftops in Mexico City Video

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Rooftops For Locals in Mexico City

Now that we’ve seen the most important and interesting rooftops for most travelers, let’s talk about the ones locals like the most. These are the rooftops with best reputation by locals.

Cathedral Terrace

This rooftop is located near the Mexico City Cathedral. It belongs to a hostel and is well known by backpackers and those who travel on a budget. The terrace is ideal to party and meet people from around the world.

It’s a great place for young adults.

Address: República de Guatemala 4 Centro México, DF 

Rooftop Hotel Parque México

Labeled by costumers as the best view in the Roma-Condesa area.

Here you’ll be able to enjoy life music, big drinks and French-Mexican cuisine combined with Mexican and European works of art.

If you get a chance we highly recommend you try the duck tacos, the onion soup with caramelized chipotle, the salmon with fig sauce and/or the chocolate mousse Controy.

Balmori roofbar

We’ve tried to make a video in this famous place. I will be incedibly honest. My first impression wasn’t that of a great place, to me it seemed normal; nonetheless, I suggest you don’t listen to me because I lack the full experience in Balmori roofbar.

What I know, is that they have a great reputation and that’s hard to obtain. My guess is that the food makes it special, but I wouldn’t know for certain.

Azotea Palmares

The ideal place to grab a bite; forget about the view because that isn’t the main thing here.

This rooftop focuses on seafood and sea related dishes. The drinks are famous and the vibe makes the place special.

This azotea is one of the most popular rooftops. If you’re planning to come on a weekend I would recommend a reservation.

Address: Durango No. 216. Colonia Roma Norte, C.P. 06700, Ciudad de México.

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