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Mexico City Hostels

Hostal Selina Mexico City Downtown

Hostels are always a great alternative in Mexico City and all around the world, although they are not for everyone, we assure you will find an awesome vibe that comes with staying at a hostel. You might even want to repeat this experience one day.

Hostels are different than hotels because most of them will have shared rooms and bathrooms.

They offer unique common spaces to interact with the rest of the guests.

Here you will read about the best hostels in Mexico City.

Top Hostels in Mexico City

First of all, we recommend you check our video on the best hostels in the city, so you can see what the experience is like and what each of them offers.

We will show you the top 5 hostels in Mexico City, where we look for the best quality and price, as well as great location so you get the best out of your visit.

Selina Downtown

Hostal Selina Mexico City Downtown

This hostel offers homie spaces for travelers, various rooms and prices from $7 to $70 dollars.

Multiple amenities: restaurant, bar, movie theater, kitchen, common area, working area, and a small library.

Furthermore, they welcome pets as if all the amenities weren’t enough.

The hostel offers different cultural activities, dance, yoga, and even english lessons.

Hostel Zócalo

hostal zocalo pino suaréz

Although access to the hostel can be hard to find, this option is one of the best. Watch our video so it becomes easier for you to find the entrance.

They offer rooms from $200 to $500 Mexican pesos.

Rooms can be shared or individual and all bathrooms are shared.

The hostel provides working areas with computer access, a kitchen, terrace, laundry room, dinning room, and a common space with TV.

Moreover, the design is original, simple and animated.

The place is also really clean.

Capsule Hostel Mexico City

Capsule hostal en Reforma
Capsule hostel in Reforma

The design is Japanese styled with compartments or capsules, very simple and affordable. They have options from $195 to $450 Mexican pesos. With shared and private rooms.

This hostel in Mexico City has bathrooms and a restaurant which includes breakfast and offers pizzas in the afternoons.

They have a terrace, computer room and first class costumer service.

Also, they offer VIP rooms, that are for women only.

Each capsule has an outlet and a small light.

Mexico City Hostel

This hostel is located a block away from the Zócalo plaza. Offers private rooms and bathrooms and the shared counterpart.

They have Coed rooms and Women-only ones. This is a luxury hostel because they offer tours around the city, a kitchen, safe-box in your room, lockers, and laundry room.

Costs vary between $150 and $160 MX pesos.

Why stay at a hostel in Mexico City.

Mexico City hostels are designed for open minded travelers, where you can have a phenomenal time, because they have shared spaces where you’ll meet people just like you.

Costs are accesible and offer the same advantages than most hotels.

These are places that will make you feel like home and give you a unique experience while traveling. If you were able to read between the lines, you can expect a more personalized experience and feel like part of the community of the hostel, unlike staying in a hotel.

Do not believe these hostels are just for backpackers, we’ve seen families, couples and all kinds of people stay here.

Areas where you can find hostels in Mexico City

The hostels we mentioned above are all located close to the Historic District.

They are some of the ones you can find for a great price, to be clean, and quality costumer service.

They are all in close proximity to the best places to visit in Mexico City.

We recommend you check our guide on Where to stay at in Mexico City.