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La Gruta in Teotihuacán

La Gruta in Teotihuacán has over a 100 years, it’s a classic place and probably the best restaurant in all of Teotihuacán. Here you’ll read on everything you need to know for your visit.

La Gruta Restaurant

La Gruta Teotihuacán

What makes it special?

La Gruta is a peculiar restaurant because it’s located inside a cavity created by volcano activity and surrounded by nature. Therefore, the name La Gruta (The Cave.)

The venue has a mysterious vibe that offers a unique dinning experience.

This restaurant has become a legend in Teotihuacán because it has served important figures such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Jorge Luis Borges, the Queen of England Isabel II, and many others in the 100 years of experience they have.

On the weekends you will find performances of Ballet Folklórico and pre-hispanic dance while you enjoy your meal.

What kind of food do they have?

Restaurante La Gruta
Restaurante La Gruta

The venue has become iconic based on the traditional dishes they serve. You will eat Mexican and Pre-hispanic food.

Tips before your visit to La Gruta in Teotihuacán

The restaurant gets a lot of visitors, so if you’re planning on eating there on the weekend you better have a reservation.

Although the restaurant holds up to 500 guests, it will easily fill up. I tell you from experience.

If you make a reservation beforehand, you should know they only allow a 10 minute hold before giving your reservation away.

It is possible to eat here without a reservation, but you should keep in mind it is about 40 minutes up to an hour wait.

Prices are high.

We believe that if a traveler has the opportunity and means to visit this place it is worth it. If your budget won’t allow it, there are plenty of delicious restaurants around the area.

Where is the restaurant?

The restaurant, La Gruta, can be found in the archeological zone of Teotihuacán. For a better reference, the venue is about 200 meters from Puerta 5, right behind the Sun Pyramid.


Is there parking?


Kids Menu?

Yes, and there is a playing area for children

What are the performances they have?

Ballet Folklórico (Folklore Ballet) and pre-hispanic dance

What are the times of the performances?

Saturday (3:30PM) and Sunday 1PM, 3:30PM and 5:30PM

Do they take credit cards?

They accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and American Express