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Is Getting Travel Insurance Worth It?

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The big question right before a trip is, is it worth getting travel insurance? The truth is, there is no simple answer. We believe everyone has to have the knowledge and tools to determine if it is necessary for their trip or not.

For this reason, this article is meant to teach you how travel insurance works, the pros and cons, where and how to purchase, and of course how to get one that is cheap but useful.

When to get travel insurance?

Here comes the complicated part, in theory insurance for travelers should always be purchased before a trip…however, real life works differently.

Reality is that the longer the trip, the more you should consider insurance. The reason being that the longer you are away, the higher the probability that you will get sick or have an accident.

Traveling with insurance is something everyone should do; however, each traveler must decide for themselves whether it is worth it or not. I will share with you some information to make it easier for you to decide when to get travel insurance and when it might not be necessary.

1- 6 day trips

Is it worth it?: No

Why?: The probabilities that something will happen to you over a weekend or a 5 day period are really low. And even if you get sick, it is probable that you will be in your country or close to your place of residency for which fixing any unexpected situation should be easy in majority of cases. If your trip is international, then we recommend you purchase travel insurance.

7- 14 day trips

Is it worth it?: Recommended

Why?: Any trip that excedes the 7 day period should be considered for insurance. If you’re traveling within your country you can save the money as long as you have medical insurance at your disposition. On the other hand, if you don’t count with medical insurance or are traveling internationally, then you should get travel insurance.

15 days – 1 month trip

Is it worth it?: Highly Recommended

Why?: Regardless of your trip being national or international, you should consider travel insurance almost obligatory, because the last thing you want is dealing with an accident in another country or far from home. The costs can seriously affect you financially.

Trips over a month

Is it worth it?: Obligatory

Why?: Protect yourself while on your trip. It is way better having to pay for insurance and not using it than having an accident and paying with your own money. For any trip longer than 30 days, it is highly recommended to get travel insurance. For student exchange programs it is obligatory in order to get accepted. And for backpackers this is a must have.

What you should know about insurance

If there is something I have noticed on majority of travelers is that they don’t take the time to understand what they are paying for. So before anything else, I want to make sure you understand what travel insurance is and how it works.

I promise to be clear and to the point.

What does travel insurance do?

Travel insurance is there to protect you in case of an accident during your trip. For example, these normally include and/or cover:

  • Sickness protection while on the trip.
  • Stolen or broken luggage during the trip.
  • Cost coverage in case of repatriation or sudden return to country of origin.
  • Coverage in case of changes, delays or lose of services
  • Coverage in case of special movement of a family member or companion in case of hospitalization or death of the insured individual.
  • Civil responsibility
  • Legal Assistance
  • Life Insurance
  • And, the insurance we recommend, offers 24 hour assistance

If you would like to know what each of the coverages offer and how they apply, we recommend you check it out here

How does it work?

You pay for insurance and this protects you in case of risks that could happen during your trip, for example:

Most travel insurance include coverage in case of sudden sickness, in other words, if you get sick during the trip, the insurance would cover all the costs needed for recovery, such as, meds, doctor appointments, hospitalization, etc.

For this reason, getting insurance for your trip could save you a lot of money, because if something unexpected happens, the insurance company would be in charge of all costs.

The same happens in case of damaged or stolen luggage. The insurance company would provide money equivalent to your lose. In this way, even though the stolen or damaged luggage would be unconventional, it won’t cost you extra money to fix the problem or buy new items.

Basically, travel insurance helps you avoid financial loses caused by events out of your control.

Before you purchase any type of insurance, make sure to read the coverages it provides.

Where to purchase travel insurance?

This might be the most important part of the article, because out there you will find thousands of companies that offer travel insurance.

We suggest you do it here, for the following reasons:

  1. You can do it from your phone
  2. Costumer Service is really good
  3. They have medical and assistance chats available the 24 hours
  4. You can do all procedures from your phone, forget about paperwork
  5. They cover exactly what a traveler needs during their trip (check it out here)
  6. And we can offer you a 5% discount so it is cheaper to buy. All you have to do is purchase it through this link so you get the discount: Viajero M Discount

How to purchase insurance?

It’s super easy, you can see prices here or, each time you plan to go on a trip, you can use our Traveler’s App to access the platform and purchase your insurance with just one click from your phone.

If you haven’t download our Traveler’s App, we recommend you do because you can save tons of money with it. More Information Here

Do we use travel insurance?

The answer is yes and no, the truth is we base our choice on the information we shared above. Depending on the trip we choose whether travel insurance is worth it or not.

It is also important to consider if you will be taking part of athletic activities or go in excursions where the probabilities of getting hurt are higher.

A fact is that when we get travel insurance we do it through Heymondo. Why them? Because it is a company that we feel comfortable with, their costumer service is great and their insurance packages are incredible. We suspect they have the best prices and give us a discount for our community.

Now that you know where to get your travel insurance, we invite you to keep learning how to save money on your trips: