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Hotels in Reforma Mexico City

Are you looking for hotels to stay at in Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City? Did you know this are of the city has around 90 hotels? Do not worry, you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the most luxurious or economical hotel or hostel, I have curated this list to make it easy for you to find a place worth your money and that fulfills your needs.

Economical Hotels in Reforma Mexico City

If your intention is logging into a hotel that is wallet-friendly, you should know it is pretty much impossible finding one in the main avenue. However, close to the main avenue you can find cheaper options like these ones:

Hotel del Principado

Hotel MX Reforma

Hotel Premier

Hotel Principiado Reforma
hotel mx reforma
Hotel premier en Reforma

In reality this hotel is situated in the Zona Rosa, an area for business and miscellaneous attractions.

The location is great because it is pretty much the middle point of anywhere you will want to visit in the city. The Zona Rosa is highly visited, has restaurants, bars, shops, clubs and more.

This is the most economic hotel that you will find on the main avenue, Avenida Reforma, it’s located in one of the corners of the famous Independence Angel. Close to the Zona Rosa.

Known for the location and services they provide to guests.

Located in the Zona Rosa and very close to Paseo de la Reforma, this hotel has a restaurant that offers Mexican and International cuisine.

They have a bar that opens Thursday to Saturday.

Breakfast and location are two of the things most guests praise this hotel for.

The Best Hotels in Reforma

With a great location, incredible service and top amenities, these are the hotels one could consider to be the best and most luxurious in Reforma. Some of these, I am sure, are considered some of the best in the whole city.

You won’t find better than this, here is the best of the best in this area:

St. Regis Mexico City

Hotel Marquis Reforma

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

Hotel St. Regis Reforma
Four Seasons Reforma

Considered by many luxurious travelers as the best hotel in Mexico City.

They have 3 high quality restaurants, top-notch amenities and an incredible costumer service.

The hotel Marquis is an ideal option for visitors looking for luxury.

They provide guests with a SPA and rooms with breathtaking views.

Knows for having 3 restaurants, one that combines Mexican and Spanish cuisine and the other two with international dishes.

Luxury services plus bike rentals to ride around the city.

This hotel is one of the few that can show off the three diamonds from the AAA.

They have a full service spa, high quality restaurants, and luxurious rooms.

Hard to explain everything they offer. Many celebrities that visit the city stay in this hotel, if that gives you an idea of the type of hotel it is.

Hostels in Paseo de la Reforma

If you’re the kind of traveler that is looking for adventure, on a budget and probably backpacking, these three hostels are ideal for you. They have a great location and their costumer services and staff highlights them.

Hostel La Tercia

Capsule Hostel

Hostel Art Gallery

Hostal la Tercia Reforma
Capsule hostal en Reforma
hostal Art gallery cerca de Paseo de la Reforma

One could say that the Hostel la Tercia is right in between Reforma and Avenida Insurgentes, perfectly located in the Zona Rosa.

It’s a place with shared rooms and kitchen. Close by you will find tons of stores, restaurants, bars, and more.

Located about 700 meters from zona rosa, this hostel is attractive do to the prices, even if it lacks common spaces.

They have restaurants and in my opinion the rooms are more compartments rather than capsules.

Hostel Art Gallery is the closest one to Paseo de la Reforma.

The personal speaks Spanish, English and French. They have multiple common spaces like a terrace, a lounge and a bar.

Known for their costumer service.

Travelers who know about hostels love staying here.

Hotels in Paseo de la Reforma

You might not be looking to stay right in the main avenue or the heart of Reforma. In this case, here is a list of more hotels and hostels close by to Reforma: Hotels close to Reforma, Mexico City.

Why Log In in Reforma?

Easy answer, Paseo de la Reforma is one of most important avenues in the city, it has the perfect location between touristic attractions and the business hub.  

This can be considered a luxurious area to stay at because they have excellent hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and a financial and business hub. 

Paseo de la Reforma is one of the best places to book your hotel in the city, no matter the type of traveler you are because you will have access to everything in Reforma. 

5 Star Hotels in Reforma, Mexico City 

Reforma is probably the area with the most 5 star hotels in the city. These hotels are simply the definition of luxury and I am certain some compete as the Top 10 hotels in Mexico City. 

So without further ado, here is a list of the 5 star hotels in Reforma, excluding the ones already mentioned above (ST. Regis, Marquis y Four seasons.)

Which is the cheapest 5 star hotel?

Obviously prices will vary depending on the season, causing the cheapest to change their spot; nevertheless, the one that tends to be known as the cheapest 5 star hotel in the area is: 

Emporio Reforma Hotel

More Hotels in Zona Reforma

Do you believe you can find a better option to stay at in the city? – You have every right to thinks so. 

If the above recommendation do not satisfy you, then here are 3 alternatives of more standard hotels and a link for you to check out all the hotels in the area.  

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