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Hot Air Balloons over Teotihuacán

An unforgettable experience you should take under consideration if you live in or are visiting Mexico City or Mexico State. Here you will read about our experience and everything to know to enjoy a trip on top of a Hot Air Balloon through Teotihuacán.


There are multiple options when planning your flight; however, you can bring it down to 2 options: Private Trip or Traditional Trip.

You can find the best prices on your hot air balloon flight here.

Furthermore, you should also consider these costs:

  • Transportation (You are able to add this to your plan on the link above.)
  • Food (You are able to add this to your plan on the link above. Depending on your plan you can spend more or less on food.)

Who has the Best Price when flying on hot air balloons over Teotihuacán?

Nowadays, there are various companies that you can use to live this experience. If you’re wondering, who should I reserve with? We have some recommendations for you.

Majority of companies offer the same plans and all around the same price.

What you should look for is to make sure they obey safety requirements and have the permits issued by authorities.

If you want a trustworthy company that fulfills all the requirements, offers a good price and has traveler’s insurance you can check it here.

What to expect from your hot air balloon trip

globos aerostáticos teotihuacán
Globos en Teotihuacán

The truth is that flying on a hot air balloon through Teotihuacán is a one in a lifetime experience. In my opinion, it was incredibly interesting to watch the pilot fly the hot air balloon depending on how the air was blowing.

Seeing the Teotihuacán pyramids from high above and the sun rise all at the same time gives you a unique view that no picture will do it justice.

The whole experience, from beginning to end, is definitely one of the best activities you can do.

Tips to fly over Teotihuacán

First of all, you should know all flights are early in the morning. So you will have to be an early bird.

The reason why they do it so early is because the air currents are more stable and tranquil in the mornings.

The hot air balloon airports demand punctuality and for this reason you have to respect the times they give you. It’s better to be early and wait than late and miss your flight and money.

It is likely you will be waiting for a while from the moment you arrive to when you get on your hot air balloon. So be patient.

What to Bring?

  • A good jacket: It will get cold and the wind won’t help.
  • Sunglasses: Just be careful not to drop them.
  • A Camera: You will want to take pictures once you’re up there.
  • Good Closed Toed Footwear
  • Sunscreen: You will be under the sun and WILL get burnt if you don’t wear sunscreen.

Travel light! You won’t want to carry a lot of stuff while you’re on top of the balloon. If needed they will have lockers there.

Is it dangerous to fly on hot air balloons over Teotihuacán?

In my opinion, I don’t think you have to worry too much about it. Like any activities there are risks. The experience is incredible and the measures they take secure.

As long as you follow the rules and pay attention you shouldn’t have any troubles. However, when we landed, the pilot accidentally did it on top of cacti (you can watch the video to check it out.) What I am trying to say is that it is more risky than going bowling, but it is not an extreme sport.

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