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Cheap Hotels and How to Save Thousands in Lodging

If you have landed on this page, I would imagine it is because you’re looking for cheap hotels or want to learn how to save the most money in lodging.

Majority of people book hotels when traveling and that’s great, but you should know it is also the most expensive way to do it. For this reason, we will share other ways that will help you save tons of money:

1. Find a website that will compare multiple hotel options

The most basic tip to find cheap hotels is finding a website that will compare values of your options, also known as a search engine.

Our Traveler’s App provides the best search engines and we have one for each type of lodging.

Moreover, I recommend the following:


These tools will help anyone find good and cheap lodging. In our app you can find all the links in one place, perfect for when you’re on the move. Click here to get it: Viajeros M App.

Now let’s look at 9 ways to get the best prices in lodging:

2. Reserve with anticipation

The earlier you can reserve, the better. There is statistic data that proofs that reserving with time can save you up to 70% in hotels.

How much time in advance should I reserve my hotel?

The minimum we recommend is 2 months to a month and a half to get a good price.

You need to avoid making reservations one day prior or with a 15 day anticipation. Sorry but 15 days is not enough to get a good price.

3. Research the distance between the hotel and downtown

When you are looking for a place to stay, it is important you consider the location of the hotel or hostel.

In theory the closer you are to the touristic attractions, the more expensive the room will be. However, you also have to look into transportation because sometimes hotels that are far away can end up becoming more expensive due to transportation.

We for example, walk a lot, this allows us to find excellent options in hotels (most times far from the touristic areas) and also save money on transportation.

4. Night Transportation

This is a great option when one needs to move between cities and has the ability to rest easily in all types of transportation.

If you have long ways to go, it is better to do it at night, this way you save money you would have had to use on lodging.

For example: When we were in Oaxaca, we wanted to visit Puerto Escondido. The trip was approx. 8 to 10 hours, so we did it at night, this way we slept during the journey and saved hotel money.

5. Rent a room

Consider changing hotels for room or house renting.

With Airbnb you can rent from a bed to a full apartment. In majority of cases airbnbs tend to be cheaper than hotels. To be honest, this option has become one of our favorites.

You can stay in a great location for an amazing price.

For couples or families this is a great option. This is the one we use the most and can also offer you a discount.

To take advantage of this discount just register your account here. You’ll get a great deal on your first reservation.

If you’d like to learn how to use Airbnb to get the best out of it, check this out: How to use Airbnb

6. Travel as a volunteer

One of the most interesting ways to save money on lodging and one that surprised us to learn about was the opportunity to travel as a volunteer.

Let me explain:

There are many hotels, hostels or businesses that are just starting up and don’t have enough money for publicity, staff, etc.

For this reason, there are platforms that help communicate these businesses with travelers that are willing to exchange work hours for lodging.

We like the concept because staying at the hotel or hostel is free, you work around 5 hours a day, get 1 or 2 free days, and have time to visit the place you traveled to.

The best platform to find these types of places is in our Traveler’s App.

7. Taking care of a house in another country

We have never done this, but we have heard it can be done in some places in the United States.

Through an app you can get in contact with people looking for travelers interested in taking care of their home. We have never tried this, but it seems interesting.

8. Booking hostel rooms rather than cheap hotels.

In theory, hostels are the cheapest way of lodging there is.

If you don’t know, it is important for you to learn that in hostels you usually pay per bed and not per room (there are some exceptions.) Nowadays, you can find plenty of hostels that offer private rooms.

The reason this is extremely cheap is because in most rooms there are multiple beds and it is highly probable yo will have to share the space with other travelers. There are a lot of myths surrounding hostels, some being that they are for hippies, unsanitary, for the homeless, etc.

Do not believe these ideas, same as hotels you can find some terrible options; nonetheless, there are a lot of options with good hygiene, excellent services and quality residences.

If your intention is finding cheap hotels, you should consider looking at hostels. To find good options we recommend you use Hostelworld.

9. Try Couchsurfing instead of cheap hotels

Couchaurfing is a type of free lodging, yes just as we said it.

Couchsurfing is a tendency and concept in which a person offers the couch in their house, so you can sleep there without having to pay. Well, it could be the couch, a room, inflatable mattress, depends on the host.

This happens because some people out there are interested in meeting new people, getting karma points, and most times if you open your doors to a foreigner, they will do the same if you ever visit their country.

The good news is that Couchsurfing is a virtual platform, easy to register and use.

And if you want to save the most money in lodging, this is an option that is completely free.

10. The best way to get cheap hotels

We could say that in terms of money saving, the best options are Couchsurfing and volunteering; however, these apps will not help you find cheap hotels and aren’t for all kinds of travelers.

Moreover, if you are still interested in finding a hotel with a cheap price, the best way to find it is Booking and Agoda.

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