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Best 6 Things to Do in Chapultepec

Chapultepec is one of the main areas in Mexico City. Highly visited by tourists and locals. We are talking about a park, well actually a forest, that is bigger than New York’s Central Park.

If you are looking for things to do in Chapultepec, these are the top activities you should know about:

The Anthropology and National History Museum

Museo de Antropología maqueta

This museum is one of the prime exhibitions in the country and one you must visit.

The museum has 22 wings designed to display ancient cultures and indigenous communities. The museum is approximately over 45 thousand cubic meters, which makes it the biggest museum in all of Mexico.

Costs, hours and everything you need to know before your visit you can find here: Anthropology and National History Museum

The Castle of Chapultepec

Castillo de Chapultepec

The Castle of Chapultepec is one of the main landmarks of Mexico. Inside you can find period paintings, pictures, documents, and objects that show the history from Spain arriving in the famous Tenochtitlán to the Mexican Revolution.

Inside the castle you will find another National History Museum, incredible exhibitions, and breathtaking architecture.

Visiting the castle is one of the activities you cannot miss when looking for things to do in Chapultepec.

Here’s all the information you should know about: Castle of Chapultepec

Visit the Castle and the Anthropology Museum on the same day

  1. Anthropology Museum + Castle of Chapultepec

This tour will take you to both places on the same day. Allowing you to get the best out of your time and your visit. We highly recommend it.

Zoo and Lake in Chapultepec

Lago de Chapultepec

Another activity that could interest you is checking out the Zoo and Lake in Chapultepec. The reason why we put them as one is because these two make up for a great day when matched together.

Lake of Chapultepec: It’s a beautiful lake and you can rent a little boat to spend sometime on the water. You should know there is very little shadow, so we encourage you to wear sunscreen.

Chapultepec’s Zoo: This is a big Zoo and great for the kids; nonetheless, last time we visited, it was a bit neglected and a lot of work was being done. We hope this was just bad luck because I remember it as a great place to spend the time.

Papalote Museum for the Kids

Zona de burbujas del papalote museo del niño

The Papalote Museum is one that offers an incredible space for families.

This interactive museum educates kids with games and activities, which makes it great for kids not to lose interest for hours.

Ideal for families with young children!

If you are interested in this place, we recommend you read our article on Papalote Museum for Kids  for more information.

Rent a Bike

Our last recommendation and one of the best things you can do in Chapultepec is to rent a bike to ride around the park.

The best part is that you can do it for free using one of the Bicigratis stands, you will have to leave your ID with them (There’s a stand on the Anthropology Museum.)

Try the Dorilocos

And Do Not forget to try the dorilocos, Chapultepec is a great place to buy this exquisite snack from one of the street vendors.

Now you know about the best 6 things to do in Chapultepec when you visit Mexico City. And since you read all this way, we have a surprise for you!

Did you know there is a FREE Tour in Chapultepec?

If you want to know this park a bit more, we recommend you take this tour. IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!

Don’t believe me? Check it here

The tour consists on walking around Chapultepec, checking out the major monuments, going deep inside the forest and learning the history of the place.

Honestly, it is a tour worth your time if you are visiting Mexico City.

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