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8 Tips to Travel Light

Being able to travel light is a skill one must learn if they enjoy to travel often. Not obligatory, but highly recommended.

Traveling light allows for costs to be reduced, and when you get used to it, you realize it’s way more comfortable that heavy packing.

If you have no idea on how light traveling works, I will share some tips on how to pack and get all your necessities without a big suitcase.

1.- Important Documents

Before getting to the list, I think it is important to reiterate the list of documents you must have with you at all times of traveling.

The Must Have’s:

  • Official ID
  • Passport
  • Plane, Bus, Transportation Tickets
  • Special Traveling Debit Card: This card is major because it can help you save money in numerous ways (if you want to know more, click on the link above)
  • Cash
  • Any other important documentation like Visas or special permits.

We are used to carrying all our documents on a Passport Holder. We find it practical but it depends in the type of traveler that you are. If you are interested, you can find multiple styles here.

Now let’s get into the things you’ll need for light traveling.

2. Pack cloths that are multipurpose and forget about outfits

Packing practically with colorful and easy items to combine will save you tons of space; bringing specific outfits will only take space and make your suitcase/backpack heavy.

Think about clothing you can use multiple times, and concider washing it during the trip (hand wash or laundry.)

Here is a basic list that will help you pack:

2 convertible pants: Incredibly effective, these types of clothing are long pants that become shorts or viceversa. They’re light, dry up fast and work for every type of weather. These are some of the best items to travel with. Find prices and styles here.

3-5 shirts or tops: You won’t need more than 5 tops. Believe me.

1 sweater or jacket: Depends on your destination, but a sweater or jacket always comes handy.

8-10 socks are more than enough for a long trip. If you’d like to get cheap socks you can find them here

8 pieces of underwear: Believe it or not, 8 pieces are enough to travel as long as you’d like. If you end up needing more, we have found good and cheap packs here

1 pair of travel shoes: We recommend 2 pairs if your trip is longer than 7 days. If you’re planning long trips or heavy excursions we recommend these: Best Shoes to Travel

3. Hygiene Bag

The ideal for us is traveling with a hygiene bag where we can carry all our personal items and keep them apart from the rest of our stuff.

If you don’t have a hygiene bag we recommend you look at these: Best Hygiene Bags to Travel

Forget about traveling with big amounts of shampoo, soap, a blow dryer, various hairbrushes, etc. Remember you are not setting up a Beauty Salon, you’re traveling.

Now, this does not mean you cant bring with you what you need to feel good and clean, just be moderate.

What to put in you hygiene bag

Here are the basics you will need when trying to pack light:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Soap and Shampoo (specially if you’re not staying at a hotel):
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Basic Make Up. BASIC BASIC


In order to skip documenting your luggage due to liquids, make sure soap, shampoo, and others are no larger than 100 ml. In need of some containers? check these out: 100ml Liquid containers. Another alternative is buying these products once you arrive in your destination. Although this could end up being more expensive.

Furthermore, if you want to buy these products online and have them delivered to your door, you can do that here:

4. Bring Basic and Necessary Meds

If you need a specific medication, of course bring it with you. If that is not your case, we recommend you bring generic meds for any occasion.

What are the basic meds to travel with?

Medicine for stomach aches or infections, diarrhea, a cold and allergies.

5. Adequate Luggage

To travel with suitcase or backpack?

The infinite battle between suitcases and backpacks will go forever. The best option for you depends on the type of traveler you are. Both are excellent choices.

Danny and I are backpack kind of travelers, but that does not mean they are better, they simply feel more comfortable to us.

I suggest you check these links out:

Do Not Forget to Check Sizes and Weight

Specially, if you don’t have one of the luggages we recommended above. In case of taking a plane it is important to check the size and weight each airline accepts so there aren’t any bad surprises on your trip day.

This is easy, simply check the airlines website or call them to costumer services to ask. Telephone Numbers can always be found on their web sites.

6. Pack only the “must have’s” and get rid of the “in case of’s”

Bring only the necessary to your trip, forget about extras like accessories and objects or clothing you want to bring in case of a “special occasion”.

Be selective and bring the things you truly cannot live without. If it isn’t 100% useful, Do Not bring it.

7. Roll your cloths to make more space

Try rolling your cloths, it’s ben proven that rolling garments is the best way to take advantage of space in your luggage.

Besides, if you do it correctly you will realize the garments don’t get as many wrinkles as they do folded.

8. Accessories (for backpackers and adventurers)

This last tip is specific for one type of traveler; those who seek adventure and backpackers who simply take off one day.

If this is you, we recommend you get accessories for your backpack, hooks and add-ons that will help you carry more things in the exterior of the backpack.

Utilize jackets or garments with big pockets to store smaller objects.

Why Travel Light?

Let’s talk about the advantages of light traveling, so everyone understands why it is important.

1.- Your plane ticket will cost less when you travel light

Nowadays, flying with luggage becomes an additional cost in most airlines; for this reason, bringing only the essentials is the best idea.

2.- No wait time picking up your luggage in the airport

That’s right! After a long flight, waiting for your suitcase to arrive at the airport band is terrible. Most times you’ll be waiting for a while and the worst part is the sensation that your luggage didn’t make it.

3.- No risk of your luggage not making it to your destination

When you travel light, the probability of your luggage getting lost at the airport disappears. Save the trouble of experiencing that!

4.-  Easy, Light Movement and Comfortability

All I am going to say is that people who use carts have always looked funny to me. That seems complicated and tiring.

When to Travel Light?

Any time you get the chance! Getting into the habit of light traveling is an excellent preparation, even for long trips. It helps you understand and see the things you truly need on the daily.

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