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4 Secrets to Save Money on Tours and Activities

1. Get Free Tours

If you didn’t know, there are free tours all around the globe! These are worth your time because you get to take a look at the culture of your destination, while not spending a penny.

These types of tours can easily be found in the big cities.

Where to reserve them? We recommend you do it here

Hoe does it work? To make your reservation you just have to do the following:

  • Click here
  • Type your destination
  • Find if there is a free option
  • Reserve your Tour

It’s that easy! I remind you that big cities are the ones that tend to have these kind of tours.

2. Choose wisely the tours you want to take

This is so very important! To save money on tours and activities it is a basic tool learning to identify those that are a must do and those that are not worth the time.

Tours are an important part of traveling but also an activity that can take a lot of spending.

I say this because:

  1. It’s easy to find tours of an activity or landmark that you can easily do yourself.
  2. Some tours are completely absurd and are a waste of time and money.
  3. Tours are expensive so learn how to prioritize.

So how do you learn which tours to choose?

Find and read travel blogs to learn about which activities are the most important on your destination.

For example: in our blog we offer guides, content, and tips on the destinations we have visited. For those we share the activities that are worth your time and money because they are unique. And of course, we also share the activities you can easily do on your own.

Don’t overpack your trip with activities

This is a common error. Tourists tend to reserve tours and activities with the idea of doing as much as possible in a small time frame. This is exhausting and will end up being very expensive.

We have seen hundreds of cases in which a tourist has their week full of activities already reserved and at the last moment, they are so exhausted they end up skipping various of these tours, losing money and the activity itself.

Believe me, this happens more often that you’d like to think. Reserve only the most important activities and give yourself time to rest during the trip.

3. Reserve Tours Online with Trustworthy Companies

This is something that will save you money and will keep you away from fraud. Unfortunately, looking up tours is a place where we can find a big amount of fraud, online and in person.

It’s common paying for an experience that seems amazing and end up with something horrible. Or, there are cases where people reserved a tour online to later find out that the company doesn’t even exists.

Our suggestion so you avoid this is the following:

Use our Travelers App, this offers the best options to reserve tours and allows you to find reliable and trustworthy activities in your destination.

Now, for your knowledge, the best way to find tours you can trust at the best price is:

鈾︼笍 Civitatis for tours in Spanish all around the world.

鈾︼笍 Tuexperiencia for tours in Mexico (We have come to the conclusion that this company is the best if you’re looking for tours within the country. They have the best prices and have activities you won’t find anywhere else.)

If you use either of these companies to make your reservations, you have nothing to worry about.

4. Take advantage of discounts and special days to visit museums

This is hard to do when you are touring a foreign country; however, if you are traveling within your own, it is important to research special days to visit museums and other touristic areas.

For example: In Mexico on Sundays, all museums are free of charge for citizens.

Furthermore, there are days where they offer 2X1, discounts, etc.

In our experience, this type of things help you save good amounts of money. Besides, we always try to add this type of information in our guides, which you can find in so you can plan activities around the special dates.

If you think our guides could be of help, feel free to check them out! They are free of charge for our readers.

Now that you’ve learn ways to save on tours and touristic activities, don’t forget to keep reading and watching our videos to make your trip easier and cheaper.

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