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2 FREE Tours Around Mexico City

Tours CDMX

¡¿WHAT?! You didn’t know there were free tours in Mexico City.

These tours are completely free. Well, maybe not 100% free because even though you won’t get charged, you still have to tip the guide. Regardless, they are a great, cheap way to get to know more about the city.

In order to enjoy these free tours around Mexico City, all you have to do is make a reservation and show up to the right place at the time you chose.

Below I will give you an idea of what these tours are like.

Free Tour Around Central Mexico City

The tour consists of visiting central Mexico City’s main landmarks:

  • The famous Fine Arts Palace (Palacio de Bellas Artes)
  • Postal Palace and National Art Museum
  • Iconic House of Tiles (Casa de los Azulejos)
  • The Zócalo
  • The Iturbide Palace
  • Profesa Church
  • Metroploitana Cathedral
  • The Major Temple (El Templo Mayor)
  • The Tlaloc Temple

It’s a tour that will teach you about the history of the city, its buildings and streets.

To summarize, you’ll visit the most important and representative places in the city and learn about the evolution that has happened throughout the years.

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Cost: Free (You only have to tip the guide)

Duration: 2 Hours

Reservations: 6 people max, in case of visiting with more people, we recommend you this tour: Guided visit through Mexico City.

Meeting Point: Palacio de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Palace), Next to the Alameda Central Park.

Free Tour Through Coyoacán

This tour will allow you to learn about the iconic Frida Kahlo. It’s a walking tour through Coyoacán.

The idea is walking around this bohemian neighborhood in Mexico. Some of the places you will visit are:

  • San Juan Bautista Church
  • The Century Garden
  • The Coyote Fountain
  • Frida Kahlo’s Blue House (This visit will only be outside, if you’re interested in checking out the inside: How to walk inside Frida Kahlo’s Museum)
  • León Trosky’s House

Cost: Free (You only have to tip the guide)

Duration: 2 Hours

Meeting Point: Coyote Fountain

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Now you know about the free tours around Mexico City. We recommend you check out our Mexico City Ultimate Guide