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11 Tips to get cheap flights

How to get cheap flights has become an art form and a skill mastered by most travelers, for this reason I will share with you some tips to find cheap flights and the best prices.

1. Use a Search Engine to Compare Flights

First of all, to find cheap flights you have to use a search engine to compare flight prices.

These are sites or apps that help you find the best prices by comparing various airlines, they are incredibly easy to use and can help you save tons of money.

There are many options when looking for search engines, the one we use and like the most, you can find on our Traveler’s App. If you still haven’t checked it out, we recommend you download it here, since our app will help you save tons of money on your trips.

Nonetheless, I will share below a program that will help you compare prices and find the best option. The only thing to do is type the necessary information about your destination, click enter, and it will show you the best prices.

If you don’t want to look the site up every time you want to find cheap flight, we suggest you download our Travelers App and follow the instructions to get it set up. It’s quick and easy.

Now let’s look at how to get cheap flights? here I share plenty of tips that will help you get the best prices.

2. Buy your tickets beforehand

Purchasing your tickets with enough anticipation is a basic tactic to save a lot of money. Buying them last minute will always be the most expensive, might even cost you an arm and a leg.

How much time beforehand should I get my plane ticket?

Obviously, there isn’t a set time, but in majority of cases, I can recommend you book your flight with 50 to 60 days (2 months) of anticipation to get the best price.

3. Choose the time of your flight when prices are always lower

Is it true that the price changes depending the time of your departure? Yes! Definitely! For this reason it is important you learn how to identify the time frames when prices get lower.

So…What departure time is the best to get cheap flights?


The best is getting a night or red eye flight. Majority of flights after 6PM tend to be way cheaper than morning flights.

There are cases when the flight’s difference between the 10AM departure and the 10PM one is up to $1000 MX Pesos or $50 US dlls!

It is a fact that your destination will change how many hours you will lose or win on your trip, nonetheless, it is certain that the late night flights are cheaper.

4. Fly on the right day

Believe it or not, you can also help bring the price down by choosing the right day of the week.

This is not invented by me, it comes from statistic data that has proved it right.

In majority of cases: Tuesdays is the best day of the week to take a flight (departures and arrivals.)

Don’t believe me? I invite you to check it out in any airline’s website. Moreover, you should know Mondays and Wednesdays are also good days for cheap flights.

These are some strategies to get the best price on your ticket, and there are more, specially if you learn when and how to find cheap flights.

5. Find flights during low season

If you are the type of person that travels almost obligatory during Christmas, Spring Break or Summer, you might be able to find one or two small deals, but forget about getting cheap flights. Those times of the year are the most expensive worldwide.

The best prices you will find during low seasons, for this reason we recommend you ask for your days off on dates when there is little tourism.


6. Book your round trips with different airlines

This can be complicated and does not always work, but…

There are times when booking one way tickets (on your way to your destination and on your way back home) with different airlines could reduce the cost of your trip. I’ll be honest, this is complicated to do on your own, but easy if you use a flight search engine. We recommend you download our Traveler’s App.

7. Take Advantage of Layovers

Same as the tip above, this one sometimes works but not always; however, in majority of cases if you have one or more layovers, you might be sacrificing commodity and time in exchange for a better price.

In some occasions it is worth it, but I warn you that the trip can become harsh. Although for someone that loves to travel it becomes an adventure.


8. Travel Light

There have been times when I have to check my mom’s suitcase to take things out.

Learn how to travel light; nowadays, all airlines will charge you extra for your checked-in suitcases. For this reason, find a piece of luggage with the adequate requirements so you can bring it as a carry on.

If you find it hard to light travel, but are interested in learning how, check this article: Tips for Light Traveling

9. Follow us on Social Media

We invite you to follow our social media accounts! Specifically Facebook, where we share opportunities made available to our community by different corporations.

Sometimes, companies send us offers or deals because they want us to help them share these. Being honest, most times this information is meant to trick consumers and people that like to travel (We don’t share this type of offers). Nonetheless, sometimes we get or find offers that are actually worth it for us and you guys.

When the offer is good and becomes an opportunity for travelers like us, we share that on our social media.

Message for companies: If you are the owner or work for a touristic company and are reading this, I want to emphasize this: We only share offers that will truly help the consumer and are a good opportunity, if you don’t have any, please do not send them our way.

10. Let the airfare choose your destination

Yes Sir! Fly where it is cheap.

Travel destinations also change their prices based on high/low season or the tendency they have in the moment.


Most times and most people choose their destination first and then their flight. For example: I first decide I want to visit New York and then I search for the cheapest flight to get there.

If you reverse the process, you will always get a deal on cheap flights!

For example, in our Traveler’s App you can find the cheapest flights of the week or month, this way it becomes an excellent option to find cheap flights.

Choose a cheap flight and get ready to discover the destination that chose you.

11. Delete your cookies

borra las cookies

I have no actual proof that this works, but I am pretty certain that deleting your search engine’s cookies is a good idea.

Have you ever noticed that when you are searching up flights sometimes you have a clock counting down your time, or there is a message letting you know that there are 3 other people looking at the same flight but there are only 2 seats left?

Suspicious, isn’t it? As I said, I cannot assure anything, but sometimes I get the impression that websites use cookies to bring prices up on a flight they now know you are interested in.

Do I delete all cookies? Not always.

Deleting cookies is a tactic you can try but I can’t promise it will work.

Where to find cheap flights

Just like I said at the beginning, our favorite site and application to find cheap flights is added in our Traveler’s App, but there are other options.

I recommend you read: 9 Apps to find cheap flights

Now that you know how to get cheap flights, it is time to learn how to keep saving money on your trips.