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Xtasea Acapulco

Xtasea is the zip line in Acapulco that is becoming one of Acapulco’s classic tourist attractions and is recognized as the world’s largest zip line over the sea.

We already tried it but, we could only enjoy one of the 6 modalities they have so if you like extreme emotions we will share with you what you need to know about this great zip line.

As a curious fact, although it goes without saying, Xtasea Acapulco is the only zip line in the world with 6 different ways to launch.

Acapulco Zip Line Price

We did the “Superman Flight” which is the most popular format. If you want to know it closely I recommend you to watch our video.

These are the different types of flights and prices for ziplining in Acapulco.

Xtasea Tyrolean traverse

Xtasea Superman Flight

Literally as the title says, this modality consists of launching yourself in superman position to cross Puerto Marques at about 120 kilometers per hour.

Xtasea Price: 999 pesos

Rider Flight

In this format the zipline tour will be seated and less fast so you will have a few seconds to admire the scenery.

Cost: 1200 pesos

Xtasea Acapulco

Twin Flight

You can fly as a couple if you wish, with the Twin Flight you and your companion can enjoy the experience at the same time.

Xtasea Price: 1800

Night Flight

This mode is the traditional Xtasea Superman flight but at night. I suspect that the view is better in the daytime but I really don’t know.

Cost: 999


Xtasea Acapulco’s Sunset experience consists of a format in which you will be suspended in a hammock for 30 minutes right in the middle of the zip line so you can enjoy the sunset.

Price: 1500

Free Jump

It consists of jumping into the void from a platform 23 meters high. It is not free fall like bungee jumping; however, it will take courage to do it.

Fly during the night over the Acapulco sea and ride in hammocks suspended over the ocean toenjoy the best sunset. Show your most extreme side and get to know her.

Cost: 600 pesos

Xtasea Acapulco Video

Get an idea of what Acapulco’s zipline is like by watching our video

Acapulco Zipline

The Acapulco zip line is approximately 100 meters high, has a distance of 1810 meters, you can reach speeds between 120 and 140 km per hour and up to 4 people can go out at the same time.

The experience is sensational, at first I was not nervous, I felt calm but as you start to approach the platform is likely to increase the nervousness, at least that was my case.

Xtasea Tyrolean

You will wait for a while until you are called to the launch pad, where they will make the final preparations, put you in position, give you final instructions and countdown: 3…2…1…..

What happens next is a feeling that is hard to describe, the adrenaline surges and the view becomes a moment you would like to freeze.

Tips for your visit to Xtasea Acapulco

  1. Go light and wear comfortable clothes.
  2. Avoid wearing clothing or accessories that can easily slip off, such as sandals, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
  3. You cannot carry cameras or cell phones to record the tour, but a gopro with a helmet attachment.

Xtasea Acapulco How to get there

Acapulco Ziplining

The first thing you should know is that the place where you buy the tickets and the zip line are in different places. The truth is that I don’t know if you can buy tickets directly at the zip line, I don’t think so, because I didn’t see any reception, cashier or administrative staff.

So, to buy tickets, you need to go first to the Xtasea headquarters which is located at: Paseo de los Manglares S/N, Granjas del Marques, 39890 Acapulco, Gro.

Then you can go to the zipline by car or in one of the vans that the experience includes to take you right to the attraction.

I recommend you use one of the vans offered by Xtasea Acapulco but in case you want to get there on your own I share with you the location of the Acapulco zip line: Cliper 39, Brisas del Marques, 39887 Acapulco, Gro.

Xtasea Acapulco Acapulco Peninsula Restaurant

At the end of the flight and the Xtasea experience you will arrive at the Peninsula Restaurant.

In fact, if your case was that you ventured alone and your family or friends were going to wait for you, the recommendation is that they wait for you at this restaurant since it is where the zip line ends.

Peninsula Restaurant

I recommend that if you have enough time, enjoy and eat there.

The view from the restaurant is spectacular and the food is exquisite.

Several of their dishes are typical of Acapulco, so it is a good place to try something traditional like the Pozole Guerrerense, which of course, we decided to try.

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