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The best nightclubs in Acapulco

On a trip to Acapulco, in addition to enjoying its incredible beaches and tasting its gastronomy, you can’t miss the many nightclubs where you can enjoy the you can have a great night out.

In this article we will show you the different nightclubs in Acapulco and what you can get in them. In other words, what to do in Acapulco at night.

At our discretion we will tell you which one is the best and why.

Best Night Clubs in Acapulco

Baby O Acapulco

This is the classic of all Acapulco’s nightclubs.

Not suitable for boring people, full of great stories, Baby O is a place where we assure you that you will not sleep, because from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. you will be treated like a king with chilaquiles.

Although it is only open three days a week, the Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays his legend is more alive than ever and his motto “There there is only one Acapulco, there is only one Baby’O (Solo hay un Acapulco, solo hay a Baby’O)”.

Tony Curtis, Julio Iglesias, Elizabeth Taylor, Luis Miguel and Sylvester Stallone, among many others, have passed through its spaces.

This is one of the must-visit nightclubs for those who visit Acapulco with the purpose of partying.

How much does it cost? In terms of cost it is somewhat expensive, you can quickly spend a thousand pesos, it all depends on the cover you order and how much you consume.

You have to be well dressed, although this is almost a rule in all the nightclubs in Acapulco.

Where is it? This place is located on Avenida Costera Alemán 22 Costa Azul.

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Hannah sun club

In this beach club you will have fun in the afternoon, it is a place to visit in broad daylight. If you are tired of the beach or you just want to have a good time, you have to go to Hannah Sun Club, from one o’clock in the afternoon you can enter.

You should even arrive at that time so that you can pass quickly, inside you will find an oasis and a swimming pool that you can enjoy while tasting a delicious appetizer or dish.

The best of Acapulco and Mexico come together in this exclusive nightclub where you can enjoy the best sunsets. Believe me, the view Hannah offers is one of the best views I have ever experienced.

On the downside, the parking lot is a bit far from the entrance. What can I tell you, achieving perfection is not easy!

Where is it? It is located at 65 Corbeta St.

Hannah acapulco prices: Costs per cover and admission are 350 pesos approximately.

We recommend that you go as a group and make a reservation to get a better price. economic because their prices are a bit high.

Paradise Acapulco

Of the discos in Acapulco, this is one of the most visited, where you can enjoy food and drinks; however, this place is identified for being next to the famous bungy. If you are a little scared of this attraction, don’t worry, with a few drinks you will get the courage to get all the adrenaline out.

In addition, if you take the plunge, you will save money that you can invest in the open bar and lose track of time with good liquor.

After midnight there is free admission, so you can drop in and enjoy the best of the place.

Where is it? It is located at Costera Miguel Alemán 101.

How much does it cost? The cover and entrance fee is 200 pesos.

Palladium Acapulco

In the port of Acapulco, the Palladium is one of the largest nightclubs, who among other things has hosted great artists such as Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto.

Open daily and available all the time. Among its variety we can highlight that Tuesdays are the day of the Bikini Contest.

Mondays and Thursdays are dedicated to ladies free.

Every day you can enjoy different shows starting at 3:00 pm.

And if you want to lose control and maximize your enjoyment, you can’t miss the open bar from 11 pm until 4 am.

During the evening you will be able to enjoy sensual dancers at the iconic characters of Mexico and an electronic touch that, as well as the mentioned, has had great DJ’s on its consoles.

If you prefer something more intimate, on the terrace there are spaces for you to enjoy good music in the open air, combined with national or international drinks. imported.

In Acapulco, Fridays are called “Palladium Fridays”. the days when the house is thrown out of the window.

But no matter what day you go, Palladium is always partying.

How much does it cost? Entrance fees range from 300 pesos to 500 pesos. An investment worth enjoying.

Where is it? It is located on Avenida Escénica and has valet parking.


A special place to watch the sunrise is the Love, is the place where the late-nighters from other locals come to end up the night and welcome the new day.

Wear sunglasses and be eager to continue drinking because you’re probably going to party until 9:00 in the morning.

We recommend you to drink the Baby Mango that is the most popular drink of the place.

Their prices are very affordable and the location is the perfect epilogue to a night out in Acapulco.

Where is it? It is located at Avenida Escénica 2-B.

How much does it cost? The entrance fee to this luxurious site with a great view is approximately 200 pesos.


To this place as to almost all the night clubs you have to be very well groomed, although Believe emphasizes styling. of each visitor.

You can make a reservation in advance so that to secure your table and avoid having to wait for hours in line at the outside.

How much does it cost? The entrance fee is 450 pesos and it is a place visited by some celebrities.

Where is it? It is located at 22 Scenic Avenue, Las Brisas.

Among the most commented highlights are the good music and the service.

Other night clubs in Acapulco

These are other options that may interest you:

  • Sunset Bar
  • Mandara
  • Kassandra Beach House
  • Palmer Acapulco

What is the best nightclub in Acapulco?

Each person will be able to deduce which is the best place among the nightclubs of Acapulco’s nightlife.

We can comment that the Palladium is one of the best in our personal taste because they are open every day of the year and have a great variety of shows for all tastes, but the truth is that the final decision is up to you.

Acapulco Nightclubs Price

As you can see the nightclubs in Acapulco are not cheap, the general average ranges from 200 to 500 pesos per night for each one without counting what you consume inside.

Keep in mind that you can spend a little more with some drinks or if you order an international bottle.

Tips to go out clubbing in Acapulco

  • For nightlife in Acapulco one of the main tips is to dress well because even though you are in a beach area you can’t go in shorts and flip flops. Some exclusive places require you to dress very well.
  • We recommend that you document what each place offers so that you can enjoy a bit of each nightclub since their shows and offers vary in schedules.
  • Many of these places have an open bar, consider being cautious if you have to drive out.
  • In general the tourist area is very well guarded, but if you are in Guerrero be cautious because it could be unsafe.

Acapulco nightclubs zone

Where are the nightclubs in Acapulco? Acapulco’s main nightclubs are centered on the Miguel Alemán coastal area and on Avenida Escénica, and between Costa Azul and Magallanes, dozens of beachfront clubs are distributed for the enjoyment of tourists.

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