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La Quebrada Acapulco Diving Show Schedule and Guide!

One of the most important things to do in Acapulco is to visit the famous Quebrada Acapulco, a place internationally known for the diving spectacle that can be appreciated and that has been in existence since 1934.

A demonstration where divers dive from 35 meters high, synchronizing their jump with the waves. It’s awesome and it’s an Acapulco classic!

In this article is everything you need to know about the Quebrada in Acapulco.

Watch our video to get an idea of what you can do in Acapulco.

La quebrada Acapulco Schedules

Throughout the day, five diving exhibitions are held in the ravine. These are the dive schedules at the ravine

  • At 1:00 p.m.
  • At 7:30 p.m.
  • At 8:30 p.m.
  • At 9:30 p.m.
  • At 10:30 p.m.

What is the best time to visit Quebrada de Acapulco?

La Quebrada acapulco by night

It depends on what you want, if you want to avoid the crowds, the earliest time is the best, although I warn you that during the vacation season, at any time it is full.

Now, as to which one is the best, in the last show the divers carry a torch that gives a more exciting touch to the show.

In the night show, the divers carry a torch, which gives them a more attractive touch.

How much does it cost to go to Quebrada Acapulco?

La Quebrada Acapulco

There are 2 viewpoints that are considered part of the spectacle of the ravine, one of them is free and has no cost. This allows you to watch the diving show from up close and the only thing you pay is the tip you want to give the diver.

The other one has an access cost of 70 pesos and is higher than the previous one, so the view is a little better.

How much does it cost to enter the creek?

In fact, admission is free; however, what does have a cost is the way you want to enjoy the diving show. Here I make it clearer:

La Quebrada Prices

The best way to watch the Quebrada Dives

From my point of view, the best way to see the diving show is to take a table at the restaurant in front of the Acapulco ravine called “La Perla”.

La Quebrada Acapulco Restaurant

The restaurant belongs to Hotel El Mirador and has a terrace overlooking the Quebrada de Acapulco; from there, the show can be appreciated.

Tours to attend the acapulco gorge

How to get to Acapulco Creek

The address of the creek is: Avenida Adolfo López Mateos, Las Playas, Acapulco.

Getting there is easy since it is located in Acapulco’s main square.

To get there by public transportation

You have to get off at the zocalo center, then I recommend you to ask the driver, he will help you. From the stop to the creek it is about 800 meters.

You can also take a cab to drop you off right at the entrance or a tour.

I do not recommend arriving by car, especially during the holiday season.

La Quebrada Acapulco

How long is the Acapulco Creek?

The Quebrada de Acapulco is 35 meters high.

Is the Quebrada dangerous?

Yes, the danger of the dive is that the diver must calculate the swell of the sea so as not to crash into the rocks at the bottom, because if he makes a mistake it would be certain death.

Since when have dives been performed in the ravine?

The diving demonstration has been held since 1934.

Who was the first diver of the creek?

Rigoberto Apac Ríos is considered to be the first man to jump out of the ravine. Although it is also said that the first diver to dive was 11 years old.

Have divers died?

After doing some research on the number of deaths that this dangerous spectacle has had, I was impressed to learn that fortunately there have been none; however, the divers do not come out 100% safe.
It is common that during their time as divers they suffer serious injuries that can affect the rest of their lives, such as: detached retina, fractured forearms, neck and back problems and perforated eardrums.

Another interesting fact is that La Quebrada’s divers have represented Mexico in world championships and exhibitions in four continents since the 1950s.

Nearby Hotels

These are 3 of the best options for lodging near the Quebrada

If you know of a good hotel near the Quebrada and you consider it has the qualities to be mentioned with our travel community, don’t forget to send us your suggestion to to evaluate and consider it.

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