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7 Typical Dishes to Eat in Acapulco

What to eat in Acapulco? When you visit Acapulco, besides finding unforgettable beaches where the sun takes refuge at sunset, you will also find exquisite typical food which is worth tasting.

I assure you that you will have an unforgettable memory of this Aztec territory with dishes that reflect the essence of Mexico in its maximum expression.

Join me to know the 7 best typical dishes you can find in Acapulco.

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Typical food from Acapulco

La Morisqueta

Morisqueta what to eat in acapulco
Photo by: cocina y comparte

This is the first dish you have to eat in Acapulco. It has a flavor that stays on your palate and you enjoy it, besides being very simple. If you go to the beaches of Acapulco, don’t miss this traditional dish.

You have to try it because it represents a blend of simplicity and flavor. Plain rice cooked without salt, served with refried beans in their broth, have cooked tomato sauce and liquefied with garlic and dried chile de arbol.

It has cubes of Cotija cheese, ranchero, some variations have sauces of pork, beef or ribs. When you order it, ask the waiter to add some golden potato tacos and the green chili sauce in combination with the sauces and the meat, which you can order in several varieties, including chicken.

But besides the meats in Acapulco They offer the dish with sauces and freshly fried fish, fresh from the sea.

This is a dish that in any time of your visit you have to try it. If you are in or going to Acapulco, I recommend that you try the Esmirna del mar restaurant at Barra Vieja 1 39690.

Fish to size

carved fish
Photo by: queremos comer

If you visit the sea, you can not miss this dish that I recommend because it is a tradition in Mexico, I tell you as an anecdote that this dish comes from the coast of Guerrero and although it has some varieties the dish goes more or less like this:

It is a fish with mayonnaise, guajillo chile, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, among other ingredients. other seasonings. After the fish is prepared, it is placed in a red-hot roasting pan. for 30 minutes.

You can eat it at Cira la Morena, when tell the waiter that the best fish to order is the red snapper, with a piece that can weigh up to 4 kilos.

Cira la Morena’s restaurant is located in Barra Vieja 39931. I recommend this place.

The Ceviche

Wondering what to eat in Acapulco,good ceviche is the best. I recommend you to come back to life after a night with some good tequilas with a ceviche that only in Acapulco you can taste it as it is. Bring shrimp, dogfish as central proteins.

ceviche acapulqueño
Photo by: vanidades

Together with all its ingredients, which are a explosion of flavor in your mouth and that erase the worst hangover from you.

The beach flavor can only be experienced with this ceviche. It comes bathed in orange or lemon juice, is composed of tomatoes, olives, green chilies, onions, oregano and accompanied with toasted corn crackers and the incomparable avocado that goes with everything.

The best ceviche can be found at La Acapulco farm located at Boulevard de Las Naciones 1300 La Poza.

Pozole blanco

The white pozole is one of the most requested dishes in Mexico, I recommend you to eat it with pork, it comes with pre-cooked corn and with backbone, leg and chunk of the animal.

Pozole Blanco
Photo by: cocina delirante

This dish by mixing corn kernels with the softness of the meat accompanied with pozole sauce or a hot chili, although if you’re not used to it, you can also use spicy, you have to tell the waiter to be cautious because what “itchy tantito” is not “tantito” as they say.

Serve with corn tostadas. This typical Acapulco food can be tasted at La Concha Acapulco Seafood Restaurant at Carretera Escénica 5255 Cosme Damián Churruca 39850.

Shrimp with garlic mojo

This dish is one of the best typical foods you will get in Acapulco. It is a recipe with garlic and butter where the strong flavor of garlic is mixed with the softness of butter achieving an exquisite flavor.

Shrimp with garlic mojo
Photo by: cocina delirante

Order it accompanied with rice salad and beans, it’s a dish with a strong flavor but at the same time with a softness and with that unparalleled taste of shrimp. If you ask for it in the restaurant will be quick because it is easy to make.

This is one of the typical dishes of Acapulco that you can eat at Restaurant Don Camarón located in Majahua beach, in Puerto Marques 39890.

Goat barbecue

This is quite a dish! And you have to enjoy it because they prepare it by digging a hole one meter deep and 80 centimeters in diameter, where they place firewood the night before. They prepare it with maguey stalks, chickpeas, morita chili

what to eat in acapulco Barbacoa de chivo
Photo by: bigoven

Garlic, onion and a number of other ingredients that make it a great dish.

It comes with red sauce, lemon, cilantro, and everything is prepared in the hole, covered and with several hours of cooking.

Ester dish you have to eat it in Barbacoa de chivo Katy on Avenida Bernal del Castillo 39350.

Octopus in its ink

There are many dishes that you can try in Mexico, but I recommend that if you visit Acapulco you should not miss the octopus in its ink, which brings just as the name says the octopus ink seasoned with sauce.

what to eat in acapulco octopus in its own ink
Photo by: let’s talk about fish

It is the pinnacle of you can eat in Mexico. Although you can experience the flavors that the more they catch you.

You already know what to eat in Acapulco, now I share with you some options of where you can try the typical food of Acapulco here: The best restaurants in Acapulco

What to eat in Acapulco

In summary this is the list of typical Acapulco food that you must try if you have the chance:

  • Morisqueta
  • Fish to size
  • The Ceviche
  • Pozole blanco
  • Shrimp with garlic mojo
  • Goat barbecue
  • Octopus in its ink

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