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Sumidero Canyon

Located in the southeast of the country, the state contains a cultural and natural diversity that has captivated the most demanding visitors. Among its many natural treasures is the imposing Sumidero Canyon, a cliff with walls over a thousand meters high through which the Grijalva River flows, home to several endemic species.

There are different ways to admire the magnificence of this geological fault, converted into a National Park and here we will share with you everything you need to know to visit the Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas.

Cañon del Sumidero Costs

How much does it cost to enter Cañón del Sumidero Costo?

  • The entrance fee to the viewpoints is: $34 pesos.
  • The boats in Cañón del Sumidero charge approximately $700 pesos for the ride.
  • Tours are priced from $700 pesos to $2000 pesos.

We suggest using the excursion: Viewpoints+Boat ride+Chiapa de Corso this has an excellent price and includes the highlights of the canyon + Chiapa de Corzo.

What to do in the Sumidero Canyon

1. Exploring the Sumidero Canyon Chiapas

Because of its attractiveness as an ecotourism destination, dozens of companies in the sector plan tours to the Sumidero Canyon with different routes and services.

There are 2 ways to visit this tourist attraction:

  1. Visiting the viewpoints to see it from above
  2. Using a boat ride to get to know it from below

Although it is the same tourist attraction, the experiences are very different. For both formats a tour must be taken.

Viewpoints of Sumidero Canyon

If you want to visit the viewpoints of the sumidero canyon, we recommend using this excursion: Boat trip + Viewpoints.

Within the jungle area surrounding the Canyon there are 5 viewpoints that amaze for their natural exuberance:

  • La Ceiba: It is the viewpoint that begins the tour and from where you can see how the huge stone walls are taking the form that we usually see in the photos.
  • La Coyota: Allows you to walk along a jungle trail, where you can observe birds and other animal species.
  • Tepehuaje: It is located in a curve of the river and therefore you will perceive some air currents that circulate through the top of the Canyon. Grey-headed and red-headed vultures are also observed at this altitude.
  • Los Chiapa: The highest part of the mountain, from where the riverbed can be observed. The majestic panoramic view is its main attraction.
  • La Atalaya: It is at the end of the tour and also has an impressive view from a two-story building.

The tour we recommend includes a brief visit to each of these viewpoints + the boat ride.

You can also visit the viewpoints on your own but you will need a car as public transportation is not available.

Boat ride

The boat ride lasts about 2h30 and allows you to discover the canyon from its entrails.

In addition to walking along the immense canyon walls, you will have the opportunity to observe various animals such as: carrion-eating birds, the curassow, the tepezcuintle, the ocelot, the white-tailed deer, crocodiles and even spider monkeys.

You will also visit the Christmas Tree and the Cave of Colors, two local highlights.

2. Visiting Chiapa de Corzo

Generally, tours to the Sumidero Canyon include your visit to downtown Chiapa de Corzo. This place is very nice and has a lot of places to eat or buy handicrafts.

Our suggestion: Stroll through the square of Chiapa de Corzo, visit the locals, admire or buy handicrafts and taste sweets and drinks from Chiapas. All this can be done here.

How to visit the Sumidero Canyon?

For us the best way to visit the Sumidero Canyon is using this tour: Viewpoints+Boat ride+Chiapa de Corso. This tour takes you to all 3 locations and takes care of practically everything.

Can you visit the canyon on your own?

Yes you can, but access to the viewpoints is complicated if you don’t have a car and, if you want to see the guts of the canyon, the only way is to go to one of the piers to hire a boat ride directly.

When to visit the Sumidero Canyon of Chiapas


  • Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Undoubtedly, the earlier you arrive, not only will you be able to enjoy the cool weather, but also to observe all the birds that take flight at dawn. In addition, for those who like running and cycling, there is a special schedule from six to eight in the morning.

The best season

From November to February or between June and August.


Avoid Tuesdays: The viewpoints are closed every Tuesday.

How to get to Sumidero Canyon

Image of the Sumidero Canyon

Where is the Sumidero Canyon?

This tourist attraction is within the municipality of Chiapa de Corzo and is located 5 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutierrez.

It is easy to visit from Tuxtla or San Cristobal de las Casas.

How to get to Sumidero Canyon from Tuxtla

It is best to depart from Tuxtla to Chiapa de Corzo, where the main wharf of the Sumidero Canyon is located. By car, the trip takes 15 minutes, but if you do not have one, it is advisable to take a tour that includes the transfer and the visit.

If you are in Tuxtla we recommend using the Sumidero Canyon Excursion from Tuxtla.

How to get to the Sumidero Canyon from San Cristobal de las Casas

If you are in San Cristobal de las Casas we recommend using the Sumidero Canyon Excursion fromSan Cristobal.

Where to Sleep

In case you require lodging, you can search:

Sumidero Canyon Video and Tips

To visit this marvel, consider time and comfort, and consider whether your budget covers only the tour or also the food. Bring binoculars for bird watching, a good sunscreen and a hat that allows you to enjoy the environment despite the intensity of the heat.

For extreme sport lovers there is the option of Amikuu Park, which offers a 300-meter-long zip-line circuit across the canyon. You can rappel and climb the walls.

Visiting the Sumidero Canyon is a sentimental and sensory experience that is imbued in the memory, whether for extreme adventure or for contemplation of nature. If you are planning a vacation, Chiapas and its canyon are always a great option.

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