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Misol Ha Waterfall

If you are interested in visiting the Misol Ha waterfall, you will love this guide.

In case you don’t know, Misol Ha Waterfall is a paradisiacal tourist destination in Chiapas, located very close to Palenque. It offers visitors a completely natural experience, full of jungle, crystal clear water, the sounds of birds and the roar of the saraguato monkeys.

Here we have included everything: Prices, Schedules, How to get there, Tips, How to make the most of your visit and more.

If you wish, you can use the index to navigate directly to the information you need.

Let’s review the Guide!

How to get to Misol Ha

Where is Misol Ha?

Misol ha Chiapas is located 19 km from Palenque on federal highway No. 199 from Palenque to Ocosingo. There, there is a detour of approximately 1.5 km (20 minutes) that will take you directly to the waterfall.

How to get from San Cristobal de las Casas to Misol Ha

Misol ha chiapas is quite far from San Cristobal, approximately 4-5 hours.

The road to get there is long, winding and very complicated, so it is not advisable to use your own car. The fatigue of driving + the wear and tear of exploring, swimming and getting to know Misol-Ha makes the drive from San Cristobal dangerous.

The best way to visit this place is to use this excursion that takes care of the transfer: Agua Azul + Misol-Há and Palenque.

If despite our recommendation you decide to drive this route then check out these tips:

  • Search in your GPS for “Cascada de Misol Ha Chiapas” and pre-load the map, as there is no signal along the way.
  • Occasionally, you may encounter some blocking by local people to ask for money. Carry coins to be allowed to pass through without mishaps. (This is avoided if you use the recommended excursion since they take care of paying or negotiating with the blockades).

How to get to Misol ha from Palenque

The waterfall is approximately 30 minutes away from Palenque (In case you are interested, here is a guide on what to do in Palenque).

From here you can get there by shuttle service, public transportation, car or by using an excursion.

If you decide to use an excursion, we recommend this one: Agua Azul and Misol-Ha Excursion. This way you can take advantage of the transfer service to visit 2 places in 1 day.

If you decide to arrive by public transportation, ask at the market where the buses to the waterfall leave from. And make sure you know what time the last bus returns.

You can get there using a tour

You have 4 tour options to visit the Misol ha waterfall:

  1. From San Cristobal de las Casas: Agua Azul, Misol-Há and Palenque
  2. From Tuxtla Gutierrez: Agua Azul, Misol-HA and Palenque
  3. From Palenque: Agua Azul and Misol-Ha
  4. From Palenque: Archaeological Zone, Agua Azul and Misol-Ha


Entrance fee to Misol Ha and prices to consider

These are the costs you should consider within the ecotourism center:

  • Entrance fee to Misol Ha is $30 MXN per person.
  • Lifejacket price per day: $70 pesos per day
  • Lifejacket price per hour: $30 pesos
  • Entrance fee to *grotto behind the waterfall: $10 MXN
  • Guide service: $100
  • Bathrooms: $5 pesos
  • Showers: $10 pesos
  • Parking: Free of charge
  • Restaurant meals: Consider between $100 and $200 pesos per person approximately. We recommend trying the mojarra empapelada, yomi, yomi!

Other costs

Especially if you decide to get to Misol Ha on your own, here are some extra costs you should consider:

  • Gasoline
  • Transfer
  • Hosting

Maybe you decide to try an eco-lodge, sheltered by trees over 30 meters high, listening to the roar of the saraguato monkeys and the chirping of tropical birds. Prices start at $290 MNX per night per person.

Misol Ha waterfalls tour prices

  • From $900 to $1600 pesos.

Of these options we recommend using the Excursion from Palenque or the excursion from San Cristobal de las Casas depending on where you are staying.

When to Visit Misol Ha Chiapas


The schedule to visit Misol waterfall in Chiapas is: Monday to Sunday from 7am – 6pm

This waterfall, which is more than 30 meters high and has a 25 meter deep pool, is managed by a group from the San Miguel ejido.

The best season

The best months to visit this place are May, November, January, February and March.

To avoid crowds it is advisable to avoid weekends or holiday periods, especially during Easter.


Avoid going during the rainy season (June to October) if you get a rainy day you will not be able to swim in the waterfall and also the color of the water is brown due to the continuous movement of the rain.

What to do at Misol Ha waterfall

Here are some things to do in Misol Ha Chiapas

Misol-Ha Waterfall

Observe the waterfall and swim in it.

Arriving at the waterfall you have different options to enjoy nature to the fullest and take incredible pictures. You are sure to spot birds, fauna and flora. In addition, the cavern is a refreshing addition to your hike.

Wear a bathing suit because you can swim in the pool where the waterfall falls.

Tour to the viewpoint

It is a 700-meter walk under the intense humidity of the jungle to discover the heart of the waterfall. You can practice medium level hiking and admire countless plants and animals (there are lots of insects, so even if you want to show your sexy arms, wear a light shirt).

The culmination of the adventure is to reach the top of the waterfall, where you will be enraptured with unique images of the waterfall and you will fly capturing its beauty from special and unique angles.

Occasionally, the guide will allow you to do some line fishing in the pools that form in the upper area of the waterfall, if you do so, be very careful and follow the indications.

Grotto tour

In approximately 30 minutes you can go 50 meters inside a cavern. A small stream flows into the waterfall pool, and you can also observe small fossils that are thousands of years old. Along the way, you will overcome fun obstacles to finally reach the pool with refreshing waters.

Occasionally, Mayan ceremonies are held, the cherry on top of the tour for a mystical experience.

You can hire the tours from the administration of the Ecotourism Development.

Meet a tilapia farm

What is a tilapia? They are those delicious freshwater fish also called mojarras, now are they? Well, one of the commercial activities in the area is the planting of these fish.

In the facilities of the Ecotourism Development you will be able to learn about this valuable commercial work. In addition, you can sail in a small rowing boat and practice line fishing. Then, enjoy your fish cooked to your liking.

Jungle hike

Walk under the rainforest of Chiapas to discover spectacular corners and coexist with nature. You will find the best locations for spectacular photos that will make you look even more sensual!

Tips for your visit

We recommend carrying

  • Swimsuit
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Water shoes for the dip

In addition, consider the following:

  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode if you don’t want to run out of battery “in the blink of an eye”, remember that there is no signal.
  • Carry cash.
  • If you arrive outside of tour hours (between 12:00 and 3:00 pm) you will find the site quieter.
  • In high season, this place gets very crowded and costs double.

It is advisable to visit the Misol ha waterfall and the blue water falls on the same day because they are close to each other. We suggest you review our article: What to do in Agua Azul Waterfalls.

Curiosities of the Misol Ha waterfall

What does Misol Ha mean?

The name means “sweeping water” or “waterfall” in Chol.

How long is it from Palenque to Misol Ha?

The waterfall is approximately 30 minutes away.

Whichmovie was filmed in Misol Ha?

The Predator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger was filmed here.

Sightseeing near Misol Ha