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El Arco del tiempo Chiapas | Complete Guide

Did you hear about the Arco del Tiempo in Chiapas and want to get to know it?

In this guide you will find Prices, Schedules, How to get there, Which tour to use, Tips for your visit and everything you need to know to visit this natural beauty.

Let’s review the Guide!

What is the Arc of time in Chiapas?

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Simply put, the Arch of Time is the largest natural arch in the world. Its height is approximately 180 meters and it is more than 80 million years old!

Location of the site

This wonder of Mexico is located in the municipality of Cintalapa in the jungle of El Ocote, Chiapas. Its location includes the La Venta River, which supports much of the ecosystem surrounding the site. In addition, the biosphere has archaeological records dating back more than 5,000 years.

How to get to Arco del tiempo Chiapas

Getting to this place is an adventure in itself. It is important to know that it is mandatory to hire a guided tour or a guide to get to know the place.

The adventure to get there usually lasts 2 days.

Here is everything you need to know to get to the Arch of Time:

Arch of Time Tour

For us, the best way to get to know this place is by using a Tour to the Arch of Time. Using a tour or expedition facilitates the transfer, the tour, the guide, and guarantees safety.

You can hire tours or excursions in the following ways:

  • From Cintalapa, the agency “Visita Cintalapa Oficial” offers two-day tours to visit the Arco del Tiempo in Chiapas. These do not include food and lodging.
  • From Tuxtla or San Cristobal de las Casas you can look for the agency “Ecoexperiencias”.

To arrive by car:

  1. First you must get to Cintalapa
  2. Then you have to get to the General Cárdenas community where the community guides are located.
  3. It is mandatory to use a guide to continue the tour.
  4. From General Cárdenas you can continue by car for about 3 km more.
  5. From here you must make the tour on foot. You will walk for about 3 hours until you reach the rappel area.
  6. You descend with rappel gear to the Arch of Time.

To go by car it is recommended to use a 4×4. Much of the route is dirt road and there are parts where water bodies must be crossed. We honestly do not recommend it.

To get there by public transportation:

  1. In Tuxtla take a bus to Cintalapa
  2. In Cintalapa you have to take a bus to the community of General Cárdenas (there are only 2 buses a day, at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm).
  3. In General Cárdenas you will have to hire a guide to continue the tour.

When to visit the Arch of Time in Chiapas

Timetables Time Arches

There are no defined schedules on the site.

What happens is that it is an open and natural space for anyone who wants to go and see it. Of course, going alone may not be a great idea.

Unless you are an experienced adventurer, we recommend going in a group and with a guide who will take care of you and allow you to enjoy the site with the safety you need.

Best season

  • November to June: This is the only period in which you can visit this place.
  • February and March: If you want to camp at the Arc, February and March are the only months you can do this.
  • June to November: There are no tours or guides to take you to the Arch of time in this season because in the rainy season it is dangerous to venture out to see this place.

Time Arc Costs

Here is the list of costs that you should consider if you do not hire the excursion:

  • Entrance fee: $200 pesos per person.
  • Guide + Assistant: $700 pesos per group (5 people).
  • Rappel equipment: $700 pesos per person.
  • Service to load your things : $400 pesos per day.
  • Horse : $300 pesos per day.
  • Jungle camp : $75 pesos per person.
  • Cabin in General Cardenas: $500 pesos per cabin.
  • Cost of Gasoline: Consider about $1200 pesos.
  • Price Bus to Cintalapa: $114 pesos approx.
  • Bus to General Cárdenas community: $35 pesos approx.
  • Use of Horse: (First part of the tour on foot): $200 pesos

How much does it cost to go to the arc of time?

The minimum budget you need to visit this place is between $4500 and $5000 pesos per person.

Some excursions include food and camping equipment, others do not. The approximate price of the excursions is $4800 pesos.

What to expect from the Arc of Time

The place is an adventure in itself; you will enter the living nature. The jungle is huge and beautiful. The colors, aromas, humidity and warmth of the climate will envelop your senses for an experience at the very roots of Chiapas. Of course, you will have to walk a lot, and along the way you will have to get dirty, feel the earth and be careful.

It is a jungle, a natural environment where you will find insects, wild animals and exotic plants.

Remember that you are going with professionals. You will see large rock formations, a beautiful river and you will have the satisfaction of having entered the mysterious arc of time in Chiapas, where millions of years have witnessed its changes through time.

What to do on site?

Some things you can do depending on the route you choose:

  1. Riding a horse!
  2. Abseiling!
  3. Travel along the river and rest in the jungle.
  4. Take amazing pictures.
  5. Enjoy the La Venta River with its crystal clear blue waters.
  6. Set up your tent, light a fire for everyone and eat under the stars.

Everything is more natural and direct, turn off your cell phone for a while,live the moment!

Where to Eat

If you go on an excursion, it is very likely that the guides will take you to places to eat and orient you as to what to bring.

If you did not hire an excursion and you are going to hire the tour to the community of General Cárdenas, we recommend that you go prepared with cans of tuna, energy bars, snacks and at least 2 liters of water.

Where to Sleep

If you are wondering where to stay to visit the Arch of Time, here are our suggestions:

Hotels in San Cristobal de las Casas or Hotels in Tuxtla: Both destinations work well as a base point and from both it is possible to book the excursion to the Arch of Time.

Cintalapa: It is the closest city to the Arc. It is approximately 1 hour and a half from General Cárdenas.

If you visit this tourist site with an excursion, it is likely that your lodging is included in the price and you will camp in the jungle or stay in one of the cabins in the General Cardenas community.

🏨 If you need accommodation, we recommend looking here 🏨

Tips to visit the Arch of Time in Chiapas

Remember that you are going on a wilderness adventure and this involves risks.

  • It is not advisable to bring children or senior citizens.
  • If you have physical problems, we do not recommend you to go because it requires physical condition and they are long walks (3 hours on average).
  • Come with the necessary equipment. If you are going to camp, remember that there are seasons, for safety reasons. The river rises with the rains and can become dangerous. If you are able to do so, we recommend that you bring a good tent, a sleeping bag, your insect repellent and a sweater in case it cools down.
  • Bring comfortable clothes: all-terrain boots, thin pants or shorts (avoid cotton) and a backpack as light as possible with the necessary items.
  • What you need is water for the tour, some energy food for the breaks and to “charge batteries”, toilet paper (yes, there are no bathrooms, all natural), light clothes to sleep in, another change of clothes for anything, flashlight and bags for your garbage. It is important to take care of the forest!

In the arc of time you will have an unparalleled experience. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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