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14 Typical Chiapas Food Dishes you must try

For all gastronomic travelers and lovers of good food we have this special article.

Here we will share with you the typical food of Chiapas that you must try when you visit this state.

The Chiapanecan Tamale

Chiapanecan Tamales

You probably know by now that the tamale is an iconic Mexican dish and that there are thousands of variations, so to make it simple I am going to mention the characteristic tamales of the Chiapas region:

  • Chipilin Tamales
  • Mole Tamale:
  • Patzito
  • Saffron Tamale
  • Tamal de Cambray
  • Momo Tamale
  • Tamales de bola

If you see them, try them!

Where to eat them? Tamales are a product found on the street, with vendors, in markets and sometimes in some stores.


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We know that Mexico can be an exotic country to eat and that’s why we can’t fail to mention flying ants.

If you want to get a little adventurous you must try the Nucú, the bad thing about the dishes with nucú is that you can only get them during the rainy season, June and July.

But if you’re lucky and you dare you can even find Hormiga ice cream.

Mole Chiapaneco

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Moles there are thousands and Chiapas has one of its own. You are always going to find different moles if you travel around Mexico and that is why another recommendation to eat in Chiapas is mole Chiapaneco.

Tamal de bola

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Another typical food of Chiapas is the tamal de Bola, the peculiarity of this dish is that it is made with 2 doughs of different texture and you can find it with chile simojovel, a chile characteristic of a town in Chiapas (Simojovel Allende).

it is important for you to know that this is a typical regional Chipas dish, this means that it can only be consumed in a certain region because it is difficult to find in other parts of Chiapas.

Where to eat it? You can find it in San Cristobal de las Casas.

Chiapaneca style eggs

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Also as part of the gastronomy of Chiapas we have to mention the Chiapaneca style eggs.

Chiapaneca style eggs are eggs with broth beans and pieces of toast accompanied by onion, chile crema, plantains or basically whatever you want to serve it with.

Here among us, they are very similar to huevos con tortilla.

Cochito baked

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This typical dish of Chiapas is characteristic of a Chiapas festival that is celebrated in January. Consequently, it is easy to eat at this time of the year but can be difficult to find at other times.

The dish is: pork baked with aromatic herbs, seasoned with a special sauce with spices and chile ancho and is usually accompanied with onion, radish, rice and lettuce.

Pepita with tasajo

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One of the most outstanding typical dishes of Chiapas, and probably one that you should put high on your list of foods to try, is pepita con tasajo.

Consider it as one of the most important dishes in the gastronomy of Chiapas.

The flavor is unique and has earned an excellent reputation within Chiapas. Tasajo is dried meat and is prepared with rice, achiote, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, onion and lard.

Where to eat it? It can be found in Chiapa de Corzo.

Stuffed cheese from Ocosingo

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A typical food of Chiapas that comes from a particular municipality (Ocosingo) but has become so famous that today it is considered a classic.

How is it prepared? I have no idea, but I know it has cheese, pork, tomato, onion, olives, serrano chiles, spices, herbs and almonds.

Chipilin with pellets

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From my point of view, this is the classic of classics within the typical dishes of Chiapas.

Chipilín and Corn, the 2 most characteristic foods of the state in a single dish.

Where to eat it? Although it can be found throughout the state, the central part of the state is the easiest place to find it.

Shuti Broth

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Another exotic dish that one should consider within the gastronomy of Chiapas is the freshwater snail broth, in other words, the Caldo de Shuti.

A delicious and very characteristic soup of the region, this is another important dish of Chiapas so don’t miss it.


Pox also known as posh is one of the most typical liquors of Chiapas, the Mayas used it as medicine for the soul. It was believed that this eau-de-vie connected the material and spiritual worlds.

Some of its ingredients are: spring water, sugar cane, corn, piloncillo, wheat bran and herbal infusions or fruit macerations.

To taste the Pox we recommend using the Pox Tour in San Cristobal, this tour allows you to learn about the elaboration of this drink and includes the tasting of pox and its main flavors (amber, coffee, firefly, jade or jade black).


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Because we simply cannot forget to mention a typical dessert. Chimbos is a flour roll with egg, honey and cinnamon that tastes delicious and is considered the typical dessert of Chiapas.

Where to eat it? Markets, restaurants and stalls. In theory they should be easy to obtain.

Bread Soup

In theory, this typical food from Chiapas was brought by the Spaniards.

It has long been consumed in San Cristobal de las Casas since it is widely consumed in religious celebrations and has evolved in such a way that today it is considered a typical Chiapanecan dish.

To give you an idea, this soup has: pan coleto, boiled eggs, raisins, green beans, plantains and spices such as oregano, saffron and thyme.

Where to eat it? In San Cristobal de las Casas

Now you know the typical food of Chiapas, we recommend you to see our other articles about this state.

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