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What to do in Cuetzalan

Cuetzalan Puebla is steep….. Huh? Yes literally, when you arrive to this place you can notice that the town is located on a steep, very steep surface.

One of the most interesting things about Cuetzalan Puebla is that as you enter the town you start to hear that the people here communicate in Nahuatl, then you turn around and notice that the signs are also in this dialect and, on some occasions, have Spanish translations.

So yes, you arrive in Cuetzalan Puebla and you realize that you are a guest, in this particular place being Mexican does not make you a brother, you are simply a visitor and that is something extraordinary.

This magical town is green, coffee and culture.

Best Things To Do in Cuetzalan

Thinking about what to do in Cuetzalan? Perfect, here we will tell you the best places and activities in the magical town.

Cuetzalan is the place in Puebla with the largest presence of Nahuatl community.

We will start from the back to the front, leaving the best of the best in the first places.

Stroll downtown to witness the Nahuatl Culture.

It is well known that Cuetzalan is one of the few places that has been able to successfully maintain the Nahuatl language and traditions. That is why we consider that one of the things to do in Cuetzalan, if you want to witness this culture, is to take a walk on a weekend or on a festive date through the center of Cuetzalan.

It is likely that in this way you will be able to see a large part of the population wearing traditional clothing, speaking Nahuatl and socializing.

On Sundays the church mass is given in Nahuatl and at the end it closes with a show of voladores.

Buy handicrafts at the Matachuji handicraft market.

The handicrafts market is another place to visit.

The Matachuji market is small; however, it features traditional clothing, organic products and as we always tell you some special handicrafts that you won’t find anywhere else.

A stroll around here is another thing to do.

About Tosepan Kalli

Tosepan KalliThe real experience of Tosepan Kalli is if you decide to stay with them; however, we consider that knowing this place even if you do not stay here is one of the activities to do in Cuetzalan for the following reason:

During the guided tour that you can request at their facilities you will learn about the mentality that has been acquired in this community. It is incredible that a place with few resources compared to a city is making such great advances in sustainability. Their processes, their water harvesting, their harvesting philosophy and the organization to get ahead is something that struck me and that I found to be an interesting activity.

There are other things to do in Cuetzalan and you should know that just because these are not on our list of favorites does not mean they are not worthwhile so if you have the time you should consider them in your plans.

Taste the coffee of Tosepan Kajfen

It’s as simple as that. We may not be coffee experts; however, Danny is a compulsive coffee drinker and as we have traveled she has begun to develop special taste skills towards this beverage.

What I want to tell you is that when Danny tasted this coffee he quickly and without hesitation listed it as one of his favorites and the truth is that I am not left behind with that opinion either. The coffee they make in Cuetzalan is delicious and tasting it is one of the things you must do.

Hiking and discovering the secret waterfalls of Cuetzalan

There is a hiking route in Cuetzalan that takes you to 2 magnificent waterfalls, the golondrinas and 3 falls; we recommend going with a guide since they are not so touristy routes.

The route is beautiful for the views it offers and is also relaxing although it does involve some effort. The waterfalls that one visits are impressive and if the weather is good it is possible to swim near them.

It is an activity that we recommend to do in Cuetzalan, you can request the excursion or the guide through Tosepan Kalli.

Eating some of Cuetzalan’s specialties

Now it is time to talk about the gastronomy of this magical town in Puebla. Here are the dishes you should consider trying during your visit:

  • Coffee: Specifically Tosepan Kajfen coffee, Cuetzalan is a coffee destination so don’t miss the opportunity to try it.
  • Smoked jerky with tlacoyos and mushrooms
  • Mole.
  • Pipian.
  • Bean and mole tamales.
  • Acamayas.
  • Exquíhitl.

What to visit in Cuetzalan

Check out this video to get an idea of what this magical town is like and what to visit in Cuetzalan.

What to do in cuetzalan with kids

If you are traveling with children these are the things we think will be fun for them:

  • Going to the secret waterfalls (hiking)
  • Guided tour in Tosepan Kalli

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Places to visit in Cuetzalan

Here are a few tourist attractions worth considering during your visit

The archaeological zone of Yohualichan


One of the things to do in Cuetzalan that you will often find recommended on the Internet is to visit the archeological zone of Yohualichan. Going to the archeological zone is definitely an activity you can do; however, we would not make it a priority.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have the time and money go; if not, we would tell you that there are other activities you should prioritize.

In summary, the archeological zone is about 15-20 minutes from the center of Cuetzalan, it is a small area that you can visit in 20 minutes, it has little information and in it you can observe pyramids with certain similarity to those of the archeological zone of Tajin.

The church of the little jugs


The Iglesia de los Jarritos is a church from the late 19th century and one of the interesting things about this religious precinct is its façade, in which neo-Gothic architectural details can be observed.

If you like architecture you should know that the sanctuary of Gudalupe is inspired by the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Lourdes in Louvre, France.

What has made it famous and the reason why you should visit it is its decoration with earthenware jars, a quality not seen in any other church in the world.

The House of Culture in Cuetzalan

This may be the first activity to do in Cuetzalan. Going to the Casa de la Cultura is for those who want to know the history of Cuetzalan, the traditions, the typical clothing and everything about the magical town.

I say the first one because if you start your tour here you will be able to see Cuetzalan with different eyes.

The Church of San Francisco de Asis

The church of San Francisco de Asis is the main church of the magical town. This temple has in front of its entrance the typical scenery of the flying spectacle.

As curiosities to take into account you should know that its tower is considered the highest in the state of Puebla and every Sunday mass is celebrated in Nahuatl. At the end of the mass, the dance of the voladores is performed.

Where to Sleep

Posada Molina

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Hotel with pool located in the center of Cuetzalan.

Ideal for families and travelers in general.

Blue Reserve

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A lodge that we recommend to couples and travelers who want to be closer to nature.

Posada la Plazuela

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Posada la Plazuela is located right in the center of Cuetzalan and is the ideal choice for families.

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Activities in Cuetzalan

At the moment, the only tour that we know of that works to get to know this Puebla destination is the one mentioned above.

This tour departs from downtown Puebla and is a round trip (1 day), it takes you to visit the waterfall la olla, takes you to the archeological zone of Yohualichan and shows you some iconic points of the town.

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Tips for traveling to Cuetzalan Magical Town

Best time to travel: The best dates to visit Cuetzalan del Progreso are between February and May and November-December. From my point of view, it is a destination you can visit any time of the year.

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