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What to do in Cholula Puebla

North of the city of Puebla, almost two hours away by car, is the magical town of 365 churches. If you are thinking of visiting it and want to know what to do in Cholula, keep reading because here I will tell you.

Cholula Puebla is a beautiful magical town for its architecture, its history and its people. It is located at a point where you can see two of the most important volcanoes in Mexico, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl.

Definitive guide to visit Cholula

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Best Things To Do in Cholula

Eating at Container City

Four blocks from the archaeological site of Cholula is container city, an area of restaurants, bars and boutique stores whose peculiarity is that they are mounted on shipping containers.

It is a curious and fun feeling to arrive at this place and see the containers stacked on top of each other. We went at about 14:00 hrs and two establishments were open, but we know that the activity in the afternoon/evening is higher.

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Go to the Site Museum

The first stop on this pre-Hispanic tour is the site museum. Here you will find a model of the archaeological zone, vessels, ornaments and their evolution with the influence of new communities.

In addition to this you will be able to see two “maps/timelines” (that’s what I called them) in which the betrayal of the Malinche was recorded on a canvas among other important events such as the great slaughter of Cortés in the area.

The latter was the most interesting for us.

Entering the Underground Tunnels

Cholula Pyramid Underground Tunnel
Danny about to enter the subway tunnel of the Great Pyramid.

After entering the museum you can go to the subway tunnels. These tunnels run 280 meters under and through the Great Pyramid of Cholula. Here you can see the different stages of construction of the basements, as they built one covering the other.

We went in alone but we believe it is worthwhile to go on a tour so that they can explain the different signs of the foundations that you will see inside.

TIP! You can get together with other people to make a larger group and split the cost of the tour as it is not cheap.

I am slightly claustrophobic and at times I would start to feel the urge to get out of the tunnels, but by taking a deep breath I would calm down and continue on my way.

I do not recommend this activity if you are claustrophobic.

Visiting the Great Pyramid of Cholula

Cholula Puebla

Coming out of the tunnels about 100 meters away is the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

Here you can see very well preserved vestiges of foundations and, most impressive, the great pyramid covered with grass and plants and, at the top, the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios.

Eating at the Place de la Concorde

As a typical zócalo, here you can find different restaurants and cafes to eat the typical poblano dishes such as cemita, mole poblano or any dish of your preference.

Climb to the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

What to do in Cholula

During the conquest, the Spaniards ordered the demolition of the ceremonial centers and the construction of churches on top of the remains in order to evangelize the indigenous people. However, when they saw the magnitude of the great pyramid of Cholula, they decided to save the effort and put a church on top of the base of the pyramid.

This is how this sanctuary looks today in a great mountain that many faithful and tourists climb to admire it from the inside and, above all, to see the volcanoes that rest behind it.

We recommend going on a clear day and in the morning if your intention is to see the volcanoes.

Entering the Ex-Convent of San Gabriel Arcángel

The ex-convent includes three temples or buildings: the temple of San Gabriel, the Franciscan library and convent courtyard and the royal chapel.

Ex-convent of San Gabriel
Courtyard and Murals of the Ex-convent

These are located inside a kind of wall which gives the impression that you are entering a fortress of kings.

Visiting the Temple of San Gabriel

In one of the sides of the Temple of San Gabriel we find some tombstones of what we can suppose were important people or families for the clergy or the history of Cholula.

Upon entering, the natural light that enters through the windows and the contrast of the white and red walls stand out.

Visit the Royal Chapel of Naturales

From the moment you see it from the outside, the Royal Chapel invites you to enter to discover its interior; why? Because on the outside it looks like you are approaching a castle because of the shape of the columns and walls.

Inside you will find thousands of domes (there are 49, but they give the illusion of being more) and a white chapel with red.

I thought it was beautiful, so if you’re in the area I recommend you go inside.

Visiting St. Peter’s Parish

This is one of the best known churches in Cholula since it has the tallest tower of all the temples in this magical town of Puebla.

We were not able to see it inside since it is closed on Wednesdays and we had the good sense to go on this day, but I definitely think it is one of the things you must visit.

What to do in Cholula in 1 day

What to do in Cholula at Night

Go clubbing | The best clubs in Cholula

Cholula is recognized among poblanos as one of the best places to dance and party. If you want to experience the nightlife in Cholula and are wondering what are the best nightclubs? We suggest these 4 options:

  • Container City Cholula
  • Mantra Night Club
  • Capital Dance Club
  • The City Cholula

Going to a bar | The best bars in Cholula

As with the nightclubs, Cholula is also known for its bars. These are our recommendations

  1. Cholula Brewery
  2. Hookah Bar
  3. Jazzatlan
  4. Brave Cholula
  5. San Pedrito Liquor

Places to visit in Cholula

Although we recommend you to base your visit on the previous list “What to do in Cholula in one day”, it is a fact that we do not cover all the touristic places. So here we share with you the official list of what is considered a tourist site in Cholula:

  • The Cathedral of Puebla
  • Puebla Parrot Park
  • Francisco Peláez Roldan Ethnobotanical Garden
  • Eagle Knight House Museum
  • El Ameyal Recreational Park

Things to do in Cholula

There are some activities that may be of interest to you, that are reliable and that you should consider doing during your visit:

Where to Sleep

We know that out there you will find lists and lists of hotels, if you want to save yourself the research and want to stay in the center of Cholula, here we share with you the hotels we recommend:

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Tips for your trip to

Clothing to be used

Cholula is a place where the sun is strong; however, there can be cold wind at sunset.

For clothing we suggest something city style: Pants, jeans or pants and a t-shirt or shirt. Don’t forget a good sweater or jacket in case it gets cold.

Best time to visit Cholula Puebla

Taking the weather as a reference, we share with you that the best dates to travel to the magical town are from mid-March to the end of May.

The reality is that it is a destination that can be visited at any time since it does not have major complications with the weather.

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