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What to Do in Atlixco and Places to Visit

South of the city known for being “chula” is a magical town that is nationally recognized for being one of the main suppliers of plants and flowers: Atlixco Puebla.

It has become one of the favorite destinations for Christmas, long weekends and vacations to appreciate what it has to offer. So if you’re planning to go, you’ve come to the right place because here we’ll tell you what to do in Atlixco, tips for your visit, what to eat and where, and what to wear.

Watch our video to get an idea of what the magical town of Atlixco is like.

Definitive Guide: What to do in Atlixco Puebla

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Places to visit in Atlixco

1. Visiting the Bonsai Museum

This museum/school is dedicated to the art of bonsai, and what an art it is! Here you will learn in brief all that specialists have to take into account to shape your tree, the inclination and which parts to dry so that it grows to your liking.

You can also stroll among different styles of bonsai and have your picture taken with your favorite one. It is a must stop in Atlixco if you are a lover of bonsai and Japanese culture like Hector. Definitely one of the places to visit in Atlixco.

2. Swing at San Miguel Hill

Atlixco Swing
Cerro de San Miguel Hill Swing, Atlixco

At the top of the Cerro de San Miguel you will find a swing where the bravest can swing and feel like they are floating above Atlixco while enjoying a beautiful view.

3. Visit the Vivero del Jardín Mágico Atlixco (Atlixco Magic Garden Nursery).

If you are a crazy plant lover like me, this is a must do in Atlixco pueblo mágico . The nursery is located on the road and in it you can find an infinity of plants whose name and shape I assure you did not know.

You will also find soil pots, hanging pots and nutrients and tips for the plants you take with you.

4. Relax in the zócalo and have a coffee.

I found the zocalo of Atlixco particularly beautiful; it is very green and well cared for. That’s why I recommend that you walk around for a while, sit on the benches to eat an ice cream, chat or if you want, you can go to the kiosk to have a coffee.

5. The Magic Garden Atlixco

Magic Garden Atlixco
Alixco Magic Garden

Next to the nursery I mentioned above is the Ethnobotanical Garden. Here you will find different sections that indicate the climate class in which you find the plants shown there. We were able to see some fruits and trees.

You can also take pictures with the different sculptures made of flowers or at the floral kiosk.

Leaving the garden you can eat a snow to refresh yourself or go to the restaurant if you are hungry.

6. Admire the Murals of the Municipal Palace

One of the things to do in Atlixco is to enter the Municipal Palace. Here you will find the murals that tell the history of the city of flowers. If you can find someone to explain each one, great! If not, they are worth a look anyway.

My favorites were the ones on the first floor, showing the different gods and their attributions.

7. Climbing the Cerro de San Miguel

Another place to visit in Atlixco is the Cerro de San Miguel, also known as the hill of the Archangel San Miguel.

I must tell you that climbing it is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you walk from the zócalo to the top of the hill; if you have a car, it’s a different story. Anyway, making the effort to get to the top is worth it.

At the top of the hill is the Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, which is only open on September 29, the Archangel’s feast day.

This hill is known because from here, on a clear day, you can see Popocatepetl resting behind the church.

Remember that on the hill of San Miguel is also the swing that flies over Atlixco.

8. Eat at the Benito Juarez Market

Full belly, happy heart and let’s get to know each other, right? You already know that if you want to know the local and typical cuisine of the places you should do it in the markets of the destinations, so Atlixco is no exception.

9. To know the Nativity Parish.

On one side of the zocalo of Atlixco is the parish of the Nativity in which white and red stand out as well as different arches that separate the aisles. Undoubtedly one of the attractions of Atlixco Pueblo Magico.

10. The Illuminated Village of Atlixco

Illuminated village of Atlixco

This is the event that has given fame to the magical town and is probably one of the most important reasons why the traveler decides to visit this place.

Experiencing the Illuminated Village is considered one of the things you must do in Atlixco yes or yes, but for that, I leave you a specific guide on the subject because there are several things you should consider: Illuminated Village Atlixco Guide.

11. Former Hospital San Juan de Dios

The old hospital has an art gallery where you can see various works of art. It also has a beautiful baroque courtyard where you can walk around and take some pictures.

12. Colonia Cabrera Nurseries

To the north of Atlixco is Colonia Cabrera and, from what several locals told us, there are, as the name suggests, different nurseries where you can walk around or search thoroughly for what you are looking for.

Atlixco Nursery

13. Ex-convent of El Carmen

This precinct was closed for restoration in 2019 due to the earthquake of September 2017, so we were unable to visit it. It was considered the oldest building in Atlixco and as such served as different things throughout its history: military barracks, shelter and courthouse.

Until the earthquake, it functioned as a cultural center and housed different temporary exhibitions.

Before you go, check if it is already open to the public.

14. Walking through the Floral Carpets

We went in September and did not get to see the floral carpets. If you would like to see them we recommend you to go on the following dates:

  • December – enjoy the illuminated village
  • Holy week – religious and floral rugs
  • Day of the Dead – takes place between October 30-31 and lasts until mid-November.

We didn’t go because we had already entered the Magic Garden nursery, but if you go, don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience! Then we can share it with the community.

What to visit in Atlixco in 1 day

Get an idea of what Atlixco de las flores is like with our experiential video

Other things to do in Atlixco Puebla

When to visit Atlixco

Atlixco illuminated village

Atlixco can be visited at any time of the year; however, what has made it famous is its festivity of the Illuminated Village and for this reason it is highly recommended to visit Atlixco Puebla in December, month in which the Illuminated Village is celebrated.

Here is a guide on how to visit Atlixco during these dates because there are some extra things to consider if you decide to go in December. Guide to visit the Illuminated Village

You may also be interested in visiting this magical town for its Flower Festival and Huey Atlixcayotl.

Where to Sleep

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Atlixco Tourism

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