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Places to visit in Puebla

Here you can find everything you need to plan your trip: What to do, places to visit in Puebla, what to eat, where to stay and more.

The state of Puebla is one of the Mexican destinations that has surprised us the most, it has everything, excellent gastronomy, incredible landscapes, well-preserved indigenous cultures, an impressive historical heritage and, of course, it has also won our hearts.

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Best Places to Visit in Puebla

Puebla is a beautiful state of Mexico, in our opinion, it is one of our favorite places in Mexico, it has a lot of things to do, it has culture, history, nature and a great gastronomy. If you are wondering what’s in Puebla? Here we break down and share with you the 10 places to visit in Puebla.

The City of Puebla

One of the main tourist places in Puebla, also known as Puebla de Zaragosa is a place where you can learn a lot about the Mexican Revolution, you can observe unparalleled architectural beauty and you can enjoy various typical dishes of the state.

To visit the city of Puebla

Zacatlan de las Manzanas

Our favorite tourist spot in Puebla! It is a magical town with a lot of charm, place of several cider houses, a place with a spectacular essence and natural charms that you simply can not miss.

To visit Zacatlan Puebla


If you visited Zacatlan you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Chignahuapan, the magical town of the eternal Christmas, the place where the spheres are created in Mexico, famous for its hot springs and the castle of the sphere.

To visit Chignahuapan Puebla

Xicotepec de Juarez

A magical town and truistic place in Puebla that surprised us. Known for its molotes, its coffee, the cross on its hill and the incredible view it offers and, of course, its crazy and senseless weather.

To visit this tourist place in Puebla


More than anything else, what stands out about this tourist spot in Puebla are its festivities. Although it is also a picturesque village where we found a bonsai museum and several greenhouses.

To visit Atlixco


One of the most famous and most visited places in Puebla, this is another magical town to consider.

It has a very mysterious archeological zone and a pyramid, it is said to have 365 churches and it is a nice place to walk around, buy handicrafts and taste typical dishes.

It also has a lot of nightlife and is a town known for its views.

To visit Cholula


If you are looking for something cultural, you have to visit Cuetzalan.

We nicknamed it the “nahuatl land” is a place where you can appreciate the nahuatl culture, (you can even learn the language if you want to) enjoy delicious coffees, and venture into the jungle to find magnificent casacadas.

To visit Cuetzalan

African Safari

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Puebla. African Zafari is considered a wildlife conservation park.

It’s fun and interesting because the animals are in a kind of “controlled freedom” so you can be quite close to them.

The objective of the site is the care and preservation of the species.

To visit this tourist place in Puebla


It is an “artificial” medieval village. It has become famous for local tourism as it gives the sensation of going back in time to the era of the knights. It has also stood out for its restaurants because, in this place, you can get exotic dishes out of the ordinary.

It may not be for foreigners but it is a place to visit in Puebla for nationals.

To visit Val’Quirico

The Ex-Hacienda de Chautla

Also known as Gillow Castle, it is an attraction that tourists love because of the beauty of the place and the architecture.

Today it has become a place where you can do many things and you can even stay overnight in the castle.

Although it is for all types of travelers, it is usually a very romantic place to visit as a couple.

You already have 10 places to visit in Puebla that will guarantee you an excellent experience.

To visit this place

Tourist places in Puebla that you must visit

We consider these to be the best tourist sites in Puebla.

Places to visit in puebla with children

Any of the above mentioned tourist places can be visited with children; however, I share with you a list of what we consider to be the best places to visit in Puebla with children.

  1. African Zafari
  2. The city of Puebla
  3. Zacatlan de las Manzanas
  4. Chignahuapan

Places to visit in Puebla for a couple

Same case as the previous list, all the places to visit in Puebla can be visited as a couple: anyway, here I share with you the list of what we consider to be the most romantic ones.

  • The former hacienda of Chautla
  • Val’Quirico
  • Zacatlan de las Manzanas

Tourism in Puebla

Hoping that this destination will conquer you as it did us, you have here all the information to visit this magical place:

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