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Monte Alban Prices and Hours How much does it cost to visit?

Monte Albán Oaxaca was part of the development of the Zapotec culture and usually attracts attention because, unlike other archaeological sites, this one had an incredible growth in the cultural and architectural area.

If you want to visit this archeological site, this guide will be of great help in planning your visit. Here is some important information

Monte Alban Archaeological Zone

If you want to know what Monte Alban is like, watch our video👇

What to do in Monte Alban

In this archeological zone of Oaxaca you will learn a lot about the Zapotec culture and believe me it is interesting.

Monte Alban
  • Visit the archeological site (We recommend that you do it with a guide).
  • See the small museum they have
  • Check or find out where the picture for the 20 peso bill was taken Yes, in case you didn’t know, this archeological site in Oaxaca is the image of the 20 peso bill!
  • Buy a Hat: There are some very good quality and very cheap hat stands. Seize the opportunity!

Among its most striking and important constructions are the following:

  • The Great Plaza, the main ceremonial nucleus;
  • Stelae, which have texts on their surface;
  • The Ball Game, of relevant role if rituals and ceremonies are concerned;
  • The Palace, of which it is not clear what specific function it had, but among the options, it could have been a guest house or a residence for priests;
  • Tombs

For all that I have just mentioned and what you have to experience for yourself, I must recommend Monte Alban Oaxaca as one of the tourist places in Oaxaca that you cannot miss.

🤓 What does Monte Albán mean?

The Spaniards were the ones who gave it its present name, but in Zapotec it means “Sacred Mountain” and in Mixtec “at the foot of the sky”.

How to get to Monte Alban

Monte albán in Oaxaca

Monte Alban Location

The first thing you should know is that Monte Alban Oaxaca is an archaeological site located in the city of Oaxaca, so it is very easy to visit if you are there.

The exact address is: Carretera a Monte Alban s/n, San Pedro Ixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Oaxaca.

How to get to Monte Alban from Oaxaca

If you decide to go by car and you want to get to Monte Alban from Oaxaca you have to:

  1. Take the road that goes to Pedro Ixtlahuaca.
  2. After crossing the river next to the Technological Institute of Oaxaca, you must continue along Dr. Ignacio Bernal Street.
  3. From this stretch you will begin to see the signs to the archaeological zone, and from my own experience I can tell you that it is well signposted.

If you want to get to Monte Alban by public transportation, you will have to go to Calle de Mina No. 518 in downtown Oaxaca and take one of the tourist buses that will take you directly to Monte Alban. (There is no other way to get there by public transportation).

What is the best way to get to Monte Alban?

We recommend getting to Monte Alban by hiring this tour: Excursion to Monte Alban. Arriving by Tour is the most comfortable option. If you don’t want to worry about the journey, parking, getting a guide and you just want to enjoy yourself, the tour is the best option.

Monte Alban Schedule

As for their schedules, you can visit this place from:

  • Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

When to visit the archaeological site

Because this magical place is located in the valley of Oaxaca, you will not be cold at any time of the year, so when to visit it is the best time of the year. it just depends on your time availabilityAnd what you must have in your bag is a good sunscreen and a cap, because the sun is quite intense.

You can visit at any time of the year. The place is so big that even in high season it doesn’t feel crowded.

Monte Alban Prices

Here are all the costs you should consider if you are going to visit this place

  • Entrance fee: 75 pesos (approximately 4 dollars).
  • Guides: 700 pesos per group (26 dollars approx.)
  • It is free for Mexicans: on Sundays and holidays.

If you are looking for comfort and don’t want to worry about your visit to the archeological site of Monte Alban then I suggest you check out this tour: Monte Alban Excursion

Warning: there is an additional cost to bring cameras and no tripods or mini-tripods are allowed. They are extremely strict and quite rude about these issues so, if you can, just use your cell phone to take pictures.

Monte Alban Entrance Fee

  • The price to enter the archeological zone is: $85.00 Mexican pesos.

This price only covers access

Cost of Guide in Monte Alban

  • Price of the guide service: $700 pesos

In addition to the cost of the guide, you must pay 85 pesos for access to the archeological zone (per person).

The guide service is highly recommended to learn about the history of the place.

Tip to reduce costs: There is a guided tour that costs 400 pesos and includes the guide + access(Check it here).

Food costs

The archaeological zone of Monte Alban has a cafeteria where you can buy water or food.

  • Consider about $150 pesos per person

Transfer cost to get to Monte Albán

If you use your own car, do not forget to consider the cost of toll booths and gasoline.

If you use this tour remember that the transfer cost is included.

Souvenir prices

In Monte Alban you can find stores to buy souvenirs.

250 pesos is a good budget to consider if you want to buy a souvenir.

How much does it really cost to visit Monte Alban?

Teotihuacan pricesOn your ownTour or excursion
Access85 pesosIncluding
Guide$700 pesosIncluding
Food$150 pesos$150
Gasoline$150 pesosIncluding
Parking50 pesosIncluding
Souvenirs or ExtrasN/AN/A
Total*900 – $1050 pesos$400 – $800
Remarks*Depends on how well you plan it and between
how many people you divide it
View tour options

Prices are approximate and are intended to give an idea of the travel budget, they may vary or change over time.

Monte Alban Tour

These are some of the reasons why we recommend this tour: Monte Alban Oaxaca Tour

  1. If you don’t want to worry about parking
  2. If you want to avoid relocation problems such as getting lost or driving in traffic. They pick you up at your hotel and return you to your hotel.
  3. You won’t have to worry about getting a guide because it is already included.
  4. If you want to avoid lines, the tour includes the entrance to the archaeological site, they will provide you with the tickets.

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