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Places to Visit in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is one of the states in Mexico where Mexican culture can be best appreciated. It is one of the most important and beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico and, for that reason, here we will share with you the places to visit in Oaxaca and a guide for your trip to this destination.

It is a destination for all types of travelers because you will find ecotourism, nature, indigenous culture, history and of course a gastronomy that you will not forget.

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The Best Places to Visit in Oaxaca

Oaxaca City

Culturally speaking this place is fascinating, the city of Oaxaca or Oaxaca de Juarez is a perfect place to taste Oaxacan cuisine, learn about indigenous cultures and experience Mexico.

This is a place to fall in love with Mexico and it is also a perfect destination to base yourself and get to know other tourist attractions in the state.

To visit the city of Oaxaca we recommend you to

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is the ideal tourist spot in Oaxaca to surf and learn this sport.

Besides, it is a beach destination with good nightlife, excellent beaches and several water activities. Here you can participate in turtle releases or visit the famous glowing lagoons.

When you are planning what to visit in Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido is a beach destination that should be high on your bucket list.

To visit Puerto Escondido we recommend


Huatulco is the most famous tourist spot on the Oaxacan coast, loved by Canadians, it is an ideal beach destination for families.

Its beaches are exceptional, its bays are unique and its tourist services are extensive.

To visit Huatulco we suggest


We call it the magical beach of Mexico and that is because Mazunte, besides being incredible, is also considered a magical town of Mexico.

We love Mazunte, its beaches are amazing and ideal for relaxing.

Here we can get several of Oaxaca’s coolest natural experiences such as: visiting Ventanilla, going to Mexico’s nudist beach (Zipolite) and, of course, we can’t forget to attend the Mexican Turtle Center.

To get to know Mazunte

Tule Tree

Tule tree

In this video you can see the Tule tree and Boil the Water

The Tule tree is the tree with the largest trunk in the world. It is impressive to see the magnitude of this tree.

Besides, it has a lot of figures that you can find in its branches and trunk.

It is a quick attraction that can be combined with other tourist attractions in Oaxaca.

To know the Tule

Boil Water

Boil Water

The favorite place for instagramers. Hierve el agua has become one of those famous places to take instagram photos.

And, even if you are not a fan of the social network, it is one of the places to visit in Oaxaca because it is unique and very special.

To Visit Hierve el Agua

Monte Alban

Monte Albán archeological zone

Another place to visit in Oaxaca is Monte Alban, probably the most important archeological site in Oaxaca and one of the most important in Mexico.

Monte Alban is simply a must-see place to visit. You can’t say you know Oaxaca if you don’t know Monte Albán.

To visit Monte Alban

Visiting a mezcalería Oro de Oaxaca

Mezcal from Oaxaca

Mezcal is famous in Oaxaca, you can find hundreds of different mezcals, it is simply the typical or representative drink of this state.

For this reason, it is interesting to take the opportunity to visit a mezcal factory, where they teach you the whole process involved in making mezcal and if that were not enough, you have the opportunity to buy these drinks at special prices because they are from the factory.

There are several options to visit; however, we visited Oro de Oaxaca and ended up very satisfied.

For a visit to an artisanal mezcal factory we recommend

San Martin Tilcajete

If you are Mexican, you probably know the Disney movie “Coco”. Well, San Martin Tilcajete is the town that inspired them to make the film.

We must consider it in our list of places to visit in Oaxaca because it is here where we can visit alebrijes craft workshops and, let me tell you, they are simply amazing.

To visit San Martin Tilcajete we recommend


Mitla Oaxaca

It is close to the city of Oaxaca and is another important archaeological site in Mexico.

This place is special because it has unique architectural styles.

In general, travelers tend to combine this destination with their visit to Hierve el Agua.

To visit Mitla we recommend

Teotitlán del Valle

One of the sites that are not so well known but should be considered among the places to visit in Oaxaca, is Teotitlán del Valle.

It is famous for its textiles and is the place to buy rugs, shawls, sarapes, carpets, dresses, curtains and high quality products, mostly painted with natural dyes.

The designs have all the essence of Oaxaca, so don’t forget to bring money.

To visit Teotitlán we recommendusing this tour: Mitla + Teotitlán del Valle + Mezcal factory.

What to visit in Oaxaca – Definitive guide

Sightseeing in Oaxaca that you must visit

This is basically the list of the must-see places in Oaxaca.

Places to visit in Oaxaca Baratos

The reality is that Oaxaca is a cheap destination in general, with options for any type of traveler. It is a destination where you can do a lot of activities with little money; however, if we have to order the destinations according to the cheapest places, we would order them like this:

  1. Mazunte
  2. Oaxaca Downtown
  3. Puerto Escondido
  4. Huatulco

Things to do in Oaxaca

Here are some other activities you can do in Oaxaca

Oaxaca Tourism

Best time to travel to Oaxaca

If you are looking for the best weather: January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December.

High Season: June, July, December, January, Easter.

Cheap (low) season: February, March, May, May, September and October.

Now you have everything you need to start your trip to Oaxaca.

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