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Wrestling CDMX

Mexican Wrestling is considered the second most popular sport in Mexico after soccer, it is a reality that one should attend a Mexican wrestling show at least once in a lifetime.

Here we will tell you how to live this experience and all the information you need to go to the Lucha Libe Cdmx.

What days is wrestling in Mexico City?

The days on which there is wrestling are:

  • Tuesday: New Values 19:30
  • Friday: Spectacular performance at 20:30
  • Sunday: Family Function: 17:00

It is important to know the following:

Friday is the most expensive day but also the best show as it is the day where the best wrestlers are presented.

Tuesdays: the “new values” are presented, rookie fighters with high potential. Tuesday is the cheapest day to go to Lucha Libre Mexicana.

Sundays: They are family friendly, the show starts early, the prices are in a medium range if we compare the rest of the days.

How to attend Mexican Wrestling

Although you can find wrestling all over the country, the best place to attend an event is Mexico City.

The best way to experience this event if you are not from the city is by using the Lucha Libre Tour or the Turiluchas.

The advantage of doing it with a tour is that you don’t have to worry about anything, forget about parking, tips and insecurity. Even the seats they have reserved for those taking the tour are pretty good.

You can see the prices here

What does the tour include?

  • Transportation to the event
  • Gift Mask
  • Entrance to the Function (Approximate duration of the Tour 4 Hrs.)
  • A shot of tequila (With the Lucha Libre Tour)

What is it like to go to Lucha Libre Mexico City?


The Turilucha is a tour and experience offered by the Mexico City Turibus.

Mexican wrestling

Turiluchas Price

The price of the turiluchas tickets are:

  • ADULTS= 690 pesos
  • CHILDREN= 490 pesos

There are 2 ways to buy tickets for the turiluchas: Online or directly at the turiluchas module located at the entrance of Reforma 222.

If you want to save a little on the price, we recommend using this route: Lucha Libre with Capital Bus.

Turiluchas Schedules

Wrestling in Mexico has several days of shows during the week and also has different arenas; however, if you want to attend the most famous and important arena in Mexico (Arena Mexico) you will have to make a reservation:

  • Tuesday at 18:00
  • Friday at 19:00

There is also another Lucha Libre tour on Saturdays at 19:00 in another well-known arena, La Arena Coliseo.

Where does the Turiluchas come from?

Reform 222

If you are interested in living the turiluchas experience, you should arrive at Reforma 222 at least 30 minutes before departure time.

Important! Remember that Mexico City can be chaotic in terms of traffic so take the necessary measures to arrive early.

Reforma 222 has a shopping mall so you can waste some time there if you arrive very early.

What to expect from Turiluchas

The truth is that I was quite satisfied with the tour. I must admit that at first my elbow was quite sore because of the price of the tickets.

My first expectation was that the tour was probably not worth the cost; however, I was wrong.

From the very first moment, even before entering the turibus, I was already excited.

First they give you the brochure of the wrestling line-up you are going to see, then they give you a wrestler’s mask as a souvenir. After that I started to recalculate and thought “Ok, maybe it’s worth it”; however, one of the best parts was still missing.

Once everyone was up and about to start, 2 professional Mexican wrestlers got on the stage.

And that’s why one of the things that stands out the most about this tour is the coexistence that you can have with the professional wrestlers during the tour. It is interesting to ask them about their life and about this famous sport.

Turiluchas cdmx

Which fighter will you get? There is no way to know because it is a surprise

Then you arrive at the Arena Mexico and the entrance is easy, the seats that are reserved for those who hired the turiluchas are quite good and the only thing left is to enjoy the show.

And what a function! The atmosphere is excellent and the fights are spectacular.

Ah yes! Bring coins, there is a very curious custom for the end of the show.

I recommend you to watch our video to get an idea of how exciting wrestling is in Mexico.

There are 2 main reasons why I consider the turilucha to be an excellent choice:

The first is parking, it is complicated to bring a car or, to arrive by public transportation, it can be complex.

The second is the added value offered by the turilucha of living with professional wrestlers.

What is included in the turilucha Cdmx

In summary and so that you don’t get confused, here is what is included in the tour

  • Transportation from Reforma 222 to the Arena (Mexico City or Coliseo) and back to the same point.
  • Gift Mask
  • Entrance to the Function (Approximate duration of the Tour 4 Hrs.)

I remind you that if you are looking for a better price you can check this route: Lucha Libre with Capital Bus.

The most magical thing about this event is that you don’t even need to speak the same language to have a good time, for example: When we went, we were accompanied by a Japanese man who didn’t speak any Spanish, he was standing, shouting, laughing and enjoying the event as much as any of us.

As for knowledge of Lucha Libre, you don’t need to know anything to enjoy it, both Danny and I knew absolutely nothing about the sport and still thought it was great.

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