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What to do in Downtown Coyoacán

Coyoacán is one of the most recognized neighborhoods in Mexico. Anyone visiting the city should seriously consider this place.

Here I decided to list the 8 things you have to do in Coyoacán If you go to downtown Coyoacán, this is what you can’t miss:

Best Things to do in Downtown Coyoacán

Downtown Coyoacán has many important places and it is impossible to visit them all in one day. So here’s what we think you should know.

Eating at the Coyoacán Market.


The food market is one of the best places to eat in Coyoacán, any stall will please with its dishes; however, it is right here where you can try the most renowned tostadas in Mexico City.

Finding the stall is easy, when you see it, you know instantly that this is the place but, just in case, try to look for the local 181.

Visit the handicraft market in Coyoacán Centro

In this market we found things we had never seen before, taking a stroll through the Coyoacán handicrafts market is a good idea to pass the time.

The market is big and holds some surprises that might interest you.

Strolling in the center


Lose yourself for a while in the center, rest, observe and feel the bohemian atmosphere of this magical neighborhood. Visit the famous coyote fountain.

And if you can, wait for the sunset, the lighting is very beautiful and the bohemian atmosphere is multiplied.

Take the Free tour in Coyoacán that few know about!

Few travelers know that there is a free tour to get to know Coyoacán. Well, almost free because the only thing you have to pay is the tip for the guide.

If you want to get to know Coyoacán better I recommend you to book it here: Free Tour of Coyoacán

The tour lasts approximately 2 and a half hours and is perfect to get to know the center of Coyoacán.

Visiting the Blue House and Frida Kahlo Museum

I must tell you that it is the main attraction and the most sought after place for tourists who decide to visit this neighborhood.

To visit the blue house where Frida Khalo once lived

*The tour is highly recommended because it allows you to visit 3 tourist attractions of Mexico City in 1 day.

Visiting the Church and former Convent of San Juan Bautista

The Church and former Convent of San Juan Bautista

A place with a lot of history and charm, this place stands out in downtown Coyoacán for its large size.

It is almost obligatory to peek inside it to see the beauty it holds.

Eating some Churros from Churrería General de la República

Churros are one of Mexico’s classic foods and Centro Coyoacán is a good place to try them. For that you can look for the Churrería General de la República.

This place has become famous for the delicious churros it offers, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Where is it? The address is: Ignacio Allende 38, Del Carmen, 04100 Mexico City, CDMX

Having an Ice Cream at Helados Siberia

This ice cream parlor is another of the most recognized places when it comes to strolling around Coyoacán.

What makes this place special is that the ice creams are prepared with natural fruit.

They have had a good reputation for years and although all of their ice creams are worth trying, I would take the opportunity to try something different like the avocado ice cream.

How to get to Downtown Coyoacán

Where is the center of Coyoacán?

Coyoacán Mexico is one of the 16 delegations of the CDMX, the address is: Jardín Plaza Hidalgo, Villa Coyoacán, 04000 Coyoacán, CDMX, Mexico.

It is important to know that there are some confusions to get there because very close to the main square there is a shopping mall called “Centro Coyoacan”; however, the place is close to the center so there is not much to worry about.

How to get there by public transportation

The closest subway station to downtown is Metro Coyoacan, from there you can walk to downtown in about 30 minutes.

If you want to take less time to get there, you can take a bus with the sign “Coyoacán Centro”. This will take about 5 to 10 minutes to get there.

Things to do in Coyoacán

Other Places to visit in Coyoacan

The National Cinematheque

National Cinematheque
National Cinematheque

You have to know how to admire when you enter a different place, as simple as that, as easy as that.

The facilities are very nice and very large, it has very good green areas, it has about 10 movie theaters and the distribution and thematics of its premises are excellent to accompany the movie culture.

It is not a tourist priority but can be interesting to visit if you have extra time or if you live in the city.

Here are some other places that may be interesting to visit in Coyoacán:

  • Living Arts Center
  • Masayoshi Ohira Park
  • U-Topicas: Feminist bookstore and gallery
  • The Dancers
  • National Museum of Popular Cultures
  • Elena Garro Cultural Center
  • Coyoacan Market
  • National Center for the Arts
  • La Coyoacana
  • National Sound Archive
  • Hêrmann-Thômas Coffee Masters
  • Jupiter Brewery
  • Galatea Bakery and Bistro
  • La Titería
  • Café Avellaneda
  • Enigma Rooms Coyoacan
  • Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center
  • Coyoacan Nurseries
  • La Capilla Theater

Beautiful places in Downtown Coyoacán that you can visit in 1 day

Watch our video and discover what you can do in 1 day in downtown Coyoacán.

Where to Sleep

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a weekend getaway or for your entire trip. After evaluating hotels in downtown Coyoacán, these are the ones we recommend:

  • Agata Hotel Boutique & Spa: For travelers looking for the best in comfort and luxury. This place has an excellent location and excellent service
  • Pepper My Love!: Excellent location and the best option for the average tourist.
  • La Casita de Coyoacán: For those looking for the best price, La Casita de Coyoacán is 1.5 km from Casa Museo de Frida Kahlo, and offers free use of bicycles.

🏨 If you need accommodation, we recommend looking here 🏨

Other tourist attractions that may interest you

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