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Mexico City Tourist Attractions

Mexico City, with its more than 8 million inhabitants, is considered one of the largest cities in the world, so there is no doubt that it is a chaotic and impressive place at the same time. Here we will share with you the tourist places to visit in Mexico City and what you need to make the most of tourism in Mexico City.

Get ready to get to know Mexico’s urban jungle!

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mexico City

Now I share with you the most important tourist attractions in Mexico City so you don’t miss them.


Teotihuacan Mexico

This site is a priority and is definitely one of the most important tourist sites in Mexico City. You have to make a space for him to meet him, yes or yes.

This archaeological site is actually located in the State of Mexico; however, the best and easiest way to visit it is to stay in Mexico City and take a day to visit the incredible pyramids of Teotihuacan.

They are only an hour and a half away!

To visit this tourist site

Coyoacán and the house of Frida Kahlo

Hacienda de Cortéz coyoacán

Coyoacan is another place to visit in Mexico City, it is a tourist place that will envelop you in a bohemian Mexican atmosphere, the most important and most representative of this site is Frida Kahlo’s houseThe historical character that has become an important feminist symbol.

Visiting Coyoacán in CDMX is a very nice experience where you can find original things, explore a special handicrafts market, taste chapulines and eat in a nice restaurant or, what I recommend, eat in the Coyoacán market.

To visit this place in Mexico City

The Historic Center and the Zócalo

Mexico City Historic Center

For me, after the pyramids of Teotihuacan, what would be the second most important tourist destination in Mexico City would be the Historic Center and the Zocalo.

It is impossible to know everything, but it is a fantastic place.

There are thousands of things to do in downtown Mexico City, so in this article: What to do in the Historic Center I suggest some ideas of what you should visit so you can select and plan your visit.

To visit this touristic place in CDMX

👁 Tip: Saturdays and Sundays are the best days to visit the Historic Center but they are also the most crowded days.

The Trajineras of Xochimilco

Trajineras of Xochimilco

The Trajineras of Xochimilco are simply a different experience that you will not find anywhere else. (well, only in the cancun experience that seeks to replicate it)

Here you can enjoy Mexican music and food during a trajinera tour, a representative boat of Mexico City that reflects an important part of Mexican history and culture.

To get to know this place in Mexico City

National Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology model
Museum of Anthropology model

The Museum of Anthropology and History is one of the most important places in the Americas, a place to learn about the pre-Hispanic cultures that inhabited our lands thousands of years ago.

Definitely if you want to visit a museum, this is the most important of all.

To get to know this tourist site in Mexico City

👁 Tip: It is a good idea to visit the Museum of Anthropology and Chapultepec Castle on the same day because they are in the same area.

Go to Lucha Libre in Mexico City

Wrestling in Mexico Turilucha

How did a sport become a tourist attraction?

Lucha Libre in Mexico is more than a sport, it is a cultural issue, it is an activity that represents our country and Mexicans in many ways.

It is iconic and has become one of the best places to visit in CDMX.

If you want to go wrestling here’s how to do it:

To live Lucha Libre

Paseo de la Reforma and Chapultepec Forest

Chapultepec Lake Mexico City
Chapultepec Lake

Chapultepec is simply magical, few people know that its size is larger than New York’s famous park.

Here there are several lakes, a zoo, a castle, restaurants and various activities to do.

Strolling in Chapultepec, tasting the dorilocos, and encountering a comedian or street show are an experience worth mentioning among the best tourist attractions in the CDMX.

To discover Chapultepec

*We recommend taking the time to explore Chapultepec after the tour.

👁 Tip: Try the Dorilocos at any of the stalls, they are a Mexican delicacy.

Chapultepec Castle

By:López Doriga Digital

Located in the Chapultepec Forest, this castle is another of the tourist sites to visit in CDMX.

The views it offers and the museum it has are of great interest. Chapultepec Castle is one of the destinations you don’t want to miss.

To visit the Chapultepec Castle

Other Places to visit in Mexico City

Yes sir! Above we already talked about the must-sees and the main places you should visit in the CDMX; however, the city is huge and the amount of places you can visit is unimaginable, so below I leave you with other tourist sites that are also worth visiting in case you have extra time.

Tourist attractions in Mexico City

  • The Basilica of Guadalupe
  • Saturday Bazaar
  • Garibaldi Square
  • Monument to the Revolution
  • La Dulcería Celaya
  • Desierto de los Leones National Park
  • The National Palace
  • San Juan Market
  • The Postal Palace

What to visit in Mexico City with kids

Apart from what has already been mentioned above, here are some ideas of places to visit in Mexico City with children:

  • Magic Ranch
  • Kataplum
  • Jump In
  • Inspark
  • Kidzania
  • Inbursa Aquarium
  • Wax Museum
  • Papalote Children’s Museum

Where to Sleep

As for lodging, these are our recommendations depending on the type of traveler you are:

Hotel St.Regis Reforma

Hotel St. Regis Reform

The best hotel for luxury travelers

Hotel Castropol CDMX


A great choice for the average traveler, couples and families.

Selina Mexico City

Selina Mexico City Downtown Hostel

For backpackers, couples or travelers looking for excellent value for money.

Mexico City Tourism

Other things that might interest you about tourism in Mexico City

CDMX Tourist Attractions

Here I am going to tell you about other tourist attractions in CDMX that you may be interested in visiting depending on the type of traveler you are.

Flights to Mexico City!

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🚌 Buses from or to Mexico City

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How much does it cost to travel to Mexico City

This is an estimate of the budget you need per day to travel to Mexico City.

If you can’t see this table properly click here

BackpackerTouristsLuxury Traveler
Budget per Person per day107028107100
Prices are approximate and are intended to give an idea of the travel budget, they may vary or change over time.

What to Eat

There are a lot of things you can try in Mexico City, we recommend you check out this article on typical food in Mexico City to get a better idea of what you should try.

This is our Top 3 dishes you should try is:

  1. Tacos (Shepherd, Campeche or basket tacos)
  2. Los Chilaquiles
  3. Quesadillas or Esquites

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